How Many Missions Will Be in GTA 6?

With the GTA 6 trailer out there breaking records, fans are now eager to ask Rockstar how many missions they should expect in the upcoming GTA 6 game in 2025.

That being said, join us and let us discover all the predictions from fans and how they compare to other older GTA titles.

Predictions on How Many Missions Will Be in GTA 6

Four years back, a Redditor ran a poll to get opinions from fans. They were asked to choose between having 100 or 200 missions for the story mode.

In fact, many of them answered that they wanted 200 missions, while some answered 100. This shows that many fans are eager to have more missions in the upcoming GTA 6.

For our predictions, we think there will be somewhere between 95 and 110 missions in GTA 6.

Will GTA 6 Have More Missions Than the Older GTA Titles?

Yes, GTA 6 should have more missions than the older GTA titles. The fact that Rockstar Games made us wait 10 years for another GTA title is one compelling reason.

Additionally, GTA 5 has a total of 74 missions, while the older titles had between 88 and 100 missions, which might lead fans to assume that Rockstar will include at least 100 missions or more when they eventually release GTA 6 in 2025.

The number of missions in common GTA games

On the other hand, Rockstar could also approach it similarly to what they did with GTA 5, which had fewer missions but focused on quality and longer ones.

If you ask us, we would like to see missions of high quality, totaling no more than 110 and no fewer than 95.

For us, no. Just take a look at GTA 5’s map; it’s huge with a lot of things to do, but the total number of missions is only 74, including side missions.

However, despite having a smaller map than GTA 5, GTA: San Andreas features 100 missions, which is 26 more than GTA 5.

The size comparison between GTA 6 map and GTA 5's

Thanks to the work of the GTA 6 mapping community, they’ve discovered that the map in GTA 6 is already bigger than the one in GTA 5. Their exploration and analysis have given us a glimpse of how vast the new game’s world might be.

However, it’s important to note that having a bigger map does not necessarily mean that there will be more missions in GTA 6 than in GTA 5.

Although we fans would love to see it happen, not only because it would mean we could play GTA 6 for longer, but also because it would make the game a contender for Game of the Year at the 2025 Game Awards.

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