The GTA V Iron Man Mod: Download & Guide (2023)

Iron Man wins our hearts through his technological suit and his characteristic. Thanks to the limitless creation of GTA lovers, we can now transform into Iron Man and become a superhero in GTA V.

This article will explore the incredible GTA V Iron Man mod for PC, including its features, installation process, and gameplay experiences.

The Iron Man Mod: Overview

Developed by passionate modders – nsh3t, this mod allows you to step into the shoes of Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, and harness his extraordinary abilities.

GTA V Iron Man Mod PC

With this mod, you have the ability to fly, unleash powerful weapons, and experience the thrill of being a superhero in the game.

How to Install Iron Man Mod For GTA V

Below is our step-by-step guide on downloading and installing the Iron Man mod:

  1. Make sure you download these basic requirements: AddonPeds, Script Hook V, Community Script Hook V .NET, and NIBMods.
  2. Download Ironman mod v2.481 (free version) by JulioNIB.
  3.  Install the MK85, TonyTeamSuit and TonyAE files via AddonPeds.
  4. Put all the file “MK85_armor” and “Tony Stark MK85_armor” into scripts\IronmanV Files\ armors.
  5. Replace the “hud v2” folder inside scripts\IronmanV Files\HUD with the folder provided
  6. Open GTA V, then press “Ctrl + N” to load the NIB menu, choose the Ironman script and select “MK85 (MFF) by nsh3t” or “I am Iron Man“.
  7. Enjoy the mod!

How to Use The Iron Man Mod And Its Features

Once you installed all required mods and add-ons above, you can press “CTRL + N” to enable the menu mod. The next window will show you a lot of impressive features, as shown below:

  • Suits: List all possible Iron Man suits (Mark24, Mark46, MK47, MK85, Mark50, etc.). Remember that these suits only change how you look, not all your weapons or abilities.
  • Spawn Ally: Spawn an ally to give a hand when you’re in trouble.
  • Spawn Enemy: Want a worthy opponent to test your skills? Use this option.
  • Kill all enemies/killers/allies: Just use this option to get rid of everyone quickly.

Once you are Iron Man, all vehicles seem useless as you can move faster than all of them thanks to the suits. Flying via the suit is quite similar to riding an airplane or helicopter, as you need to press “Space” button to fly, then combine the movement keys and the cursor to reach your destination.

Additionally, one of the coolest things that this mod offer is a variety of weapons that make you look truly an Iron Man in movies.

To enable all weapons, you can press “E” and then move your cursor to choose what type of weapons your like.

Since the mod offers powerful weapons, it’s difficult to indicate which is the best. For preferences, our picks are Hand Repulsors (Both Hands), Chest Repulsors, and Destruction Hands (Melee Mode).

Here’s the preview video about Iron Man Mod and its features:

Overall, this mod brings an immersive Iron Man experience to GTA V, offering a fresh and dynamic gameplay adventure.

Download Iron Man Mod For GTA V

Download Iron Man MK85 Avengers Endgame Mod

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