GTA 5 Gang Mod: Download and Guide (2024)

Blaine County is home to 14 gangs, each claiming dominance in different territories. In the vanilla version, you might have witnessed clashes between these gangs or experienced them targeting you as the protagonist.

But what if we told you that there’s a mod that lets you step into the shoes of a true gang member, allowing you to contribute to your gang’s success and bring triumph to your team?

If you’re eager to do it, head below to find out!

What Can You Do With The Gang Mod?

Gang mod is a script mod that allows you to be a gang member and engage in gang activities such as wars, robberies, and property damage.

It’s really straightforward to activate and run the mod. After installing it successfully, you’ll notice a new cannabis icon marked on your map, which is “Gang Selector”. Head over to it to choose your side.

The Gang Selector location in the map

After that, press “E” to start choosing, there are 3 gangs to choose from, including Famillies, Balls, Vagos. You can also customize your character with different actions, pieces of clothing, and accessories.

3 gangs in to select from the mod, Vagos, Ballas and Famillies

There are 3 gangs marked by different colors on the map: Purple, yellow, and blue. If you’re in a gang area, you can recruit new members, or homies, by choosing a gun from your wheel, aiming at them, and pressing “E“.

How to recruit and select gang member

Furthermore, you can press “M” to open the Gangmod interaction menu. This menu lets you modify what your homies do and kick off gang wars.

The Interaction menu

Speaking of gang actions, there is an activity called Random Gang driveby where members from other gangs will roll into your territory and shoot you and your homies.

You can trigger Gang Wars by killing three gang members on the rival side in less than 5 seconds or by choosing Gang Events in the Interaction menu and pressing “Y” to accept.

There are Gang Events, assigned randomly to you:

  • Destroy the vehicle of your gang rival.
  • Assist your homies in robbing the 24/7 store in your gang rival’s territory.
  • Perform a drive-by and eliminate rival gang members.
Gang Event complete notification

How to Install GTA 5 Gang Mod

Below is our step-by-step guide on how to install GTA 5 gang mod:

  1. Download GTA 5 Gang mod 2.4.1.
  2. Download and install Script Hook V.
  3. Extract the Gang mod file, then copy all folder items (GangMod.dll, GangMod.ini, NativeUI.dll, NAudio.dll, Gang Mod folder) to your “scripts” folder.
  4. Enter GTA 5, if you see the cannabis icon on the map, then the mod is loaded successfully. Otherwise, press “Insert” on your keyboard.

Download GTA 5 Gang Mod

Download GTA 5 Gangmod 2.4.1

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