Unlock the Hidden World of GTA Online in GTA 5 with This Mod

Despite sharing the same graphics and city, GTA Online has received more updates and contains more structures than GTA 5, making it more engaging and challenging in multiplayer.

However, for some reason, you might want to enter these online-exclusively structures in Story mode, and you’re wondering whether there’s a solution.

If so, look no further than the Enable All Interiors Mod, which can make your dream come true.

What is The Enable All Interiors Mod?

Enable All Interiors is a mod that unlocks all maps, structures, and locations that are exclusive to GTA Online in GTA 5.

In other words, you can join and explore the Cayo Perico Heist, or access Maze Bank, and other structures without playing GTA Online.

GTA map with new symbols

After installing and triggering the mod, you can open the map and notice many symbols familiar to those who regularly play GTA Online.

Specifically, these places are accessible just like in GTA Online, allowing the chance for more exploration in Los Santos.

How to Download and Install The Enable All Interiors Mod

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to download and install the Enable All Interiors mod in GTA 5:

  1. Download Enable All Interiors (WIP).
  2. Download LemonUI.
  3. Extract LemonUI, then go to the SHVDN3 folder, copy all files, and paste them to the scripts folder in your GTA 5 directory.
copy the  SHVDN3
  1. Download Community Script Hook V .NET, then paste all the files to your GTA 5 directory.
  2. Extract the Enable All Interiors folder, then copy and paste the IfruitAddon2 and IFruitAddon2.dll to the scripts folder.
paste the IfruitAddon2 and IFruitAddon2.dll
  1. Drop EnableAllInterior.dll & EnableAllInterior.ini into scripts, open Scripthookvdotnet.ini, and replace ReloadKey from “None” to “Insert”.
replace ReloadKey
  1. Open GTA 5, then press the up arrow to bring up the in-game mobile phone. Scroll down to the bottom until you find Enable All Interiors.
  1. Press Call to trigger the mod and enable the mod menu. You can use the mod menu to enable or disable any structure or map you want.

Download Enable All Interiors

Download Enable All Interiors (WIP)

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  1. Can you make all interiors grand theft auto v ps5 on my own ps5 enable please I really want all interiors unlock grand theft auto v ps5 unlock


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