GTA V Grapple Mod: Download And Guide (2023)

If you are a fan of the Just Cause series and wish to incorporate its features into your GTA V world, you can now make that dream a reality with this GTA V Grapple Mod.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to download and install the GTA V Grappling Hook mod and its featured overview.

GTA V Grapple Mod: Overview

GTA V Just Cause 3 Mod, created by JulioNIB, was inspired by the Just Cause game series. This mod provides the ability to use a grappling hook in the game, which isn’t included in the vanilla version.

The mod allows you to shoot the hook and use it to grapple onto various structures, walls, cars, vehicles, and even trees, as long as they are within a certain distance. Chasing the target or hiding from the cops are no longer challenging tasks.

GTA V Grapple Mod

The mod also includes a wingsuit and parachute feature, enhancing mobility within the game. By mastering these skills, you can travel through the city without needing to rely on traditional ground transportation.

Furthermore, you can attach C4 or bombs to pedestrians (Peds) or vehicles, allowing you to destroy them without staying nearby. This feature adds the ability to execute explosive actions from a safe distance.

How to Install GTA V Grapple Mod

Read on to learn how to install GTA V Grapple Mod:

  • Once completed, open GTA V and enjoy!

How to Use GTA V Grapple Mod

After installed, you can follow this guide to learn how to use this mod effectively:

  • Press “Ctrl + N” to enable the NIB menus, then select the Just Cause 3 mod to see the options. You should enable the mod like the following image.
  • Press “Ctrl + H” to make sure you enable the mod.
  • To launch the hook, press “Tab” and choose any type of weapon (pistols are recommended), then hold the right mouse button to aim at the walls, then left-click to shoot the hook. After that, release the right mouse button to do the action.
  • While attached to the helicopter or car, you can press “Enter” to take control of the vehicle.
  • Press “E” to enable the wingsuit while you’re flying. Also, you can press “W” to accelerate and fall faster, “S” to break and go up, and “A” and “D” to turn left/right.
  • While you’re using the wingsuit, press “Space” to turn to the parachute.
  • To use C4, press “1” and choose the C4. You can attach C4 to any vehicles, peds, and objects.

Keep in mind that the wingsuit and the parachute are available only when you’re in mid-air.

Download GTA V Just Cause 3 Mod V1.2.4

Download GTA V Just Cause 3 V1.2.4

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