GTA Online: Bad Beat (Casino Story Mission Guide 2024)

Bad Beat is one of six Casino Story Missions in GTA Online. Each quest is accessible by heading to the “AB” icon in the Management. It becomes available after purchasing the Master Penthouse for $1,500,000 and completing Play to Win.

Head to the Diamond Casino & Resort, and let’s get started.

From February 22 to 29, 2024, all Casino Story Missions will offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. Add 2x more if you have an active GTA+ membership. We recommend participating in this job for extra profit.

Bad Beat Mission Brief

The events from Strong Arm Tactics and Play to Win fueled the war between the Chengs and the Duggans.

An unlikely ally, Thornton Duggan, warned everyone of an incoming strike operation sent by his uncle Avery. Eliminate The Professionals and make Diamond Casino & Resort safe.


  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Use Combat MG or Unholy Hellbringer, as those weapons have high ammo capacity.
  • Take cover.
  • Aim for the head.
  • Never let your guard down, and always check corners. Pre-fire when necessary.

Take Out the Mercenaries

The Professionals outnumber you and Vincent. 

Important: The Professionals are using Assault Shotgun and Automatic/Semi-Automatic Rifles. Be extra careful.

First, take cover in this spot:

The GTA Online Protagonist at the Terrace of Diamond Casino & Resort with Vincent during Bad Beat.

Ready your weapon afterward and aim for the head.

Here are every spots where the hired guns will appear:

The GTA Online Protagonist eliminating The Professionals in the Diamond Casino & Resort's Terrace.

Take care of the enemies trying to flank you on the right side:

The GTA Online Protagonist watching for flanks.

Vincent will eventually ask you to move to the pool area where a cluster of enemies are nearby. Check that part carefully and take cover. Never peek your head needlessly.

The GTA Online Protagonist pointing the Unholy Hellbringer.

Attack helicopters will also appear. You can take the pilot or burst fire at the chopper’s tail rotor to bring it down.

The GTA Online Protagonist firing at a Helictoper.

Upon reaching the Diamond Casino & Resort’s left side, they’ll stop appearing, and more hostiles will run towards you. 

The GTA Online Protagonist taking cover behind a large vent with one destroyed heli and another heli suitable for riding.

You’ll end up at the ladder where a Jetsam Cargobob is landed.

The GTA Online Protagonist climbing the ladder and hiding behind cover.

Take Out the Remaining Mercenaries

Eliminate hostiles before climbing up the ladder.

One member equipped with Ballistic Equipment will show up.

In our case, we exploited the remaining space to deal damage. We used the Heavy Revolver as it gives the best firepower in GTA Online.

The GTA Online Protagonist attacking the professional member inside a Ballistics Equipment.

Take the remaining mercenaries.

Once done, Vincent will call you back to the Elevator, and Bad Beat will conclude.

The GTA Online Protagonist meeting with Agatha Baker and Tao Cheng and Brucie Kibbutz doing a toast.

What Difficulty Should I Pick?

While Bad Beat requires good skill to complete, we recommend choosing the hardest difficulty if you have guns with high ammo capacity.

Overall, you’ll earn $48,000 – $96,000, 8,000 – 16,000 RP, and some chips for completing this Casino Story Mission in GTA Online. 

For first-time completion, get FREE $50,000.

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