GTA Online: Strong Arm Tactics (Casino Story Mission Guide 2024)

Strong Arm Tactics is one of six Casino Story Missions in GTA Online. Each quest is accessible by heading to the “AB” icon in the Management. It becomes available after purchasing the Master Penthouse for $1,500,000 and completing House Keeping.

Head to the Diamond Casino & Resort, and let’s get started.

From February 22 to 29, 2024, all Casino Story Missions will offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. Add 2x more if you have an active GTA+ membership. We recommend participating in this job for extra profit.

Strong Arm Tactics Mission Brief

Escort Tao Cheng and his translator to the Duggan Family’s property for a quick business meeting. Be on their side and protect the two VIPs.


  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Use weapons with high ammo capacity, like the Combat MG and Unholy Hellbringer.
  • Aim for the head, preferably on full auto.

Take the Cognoscenti to the Meeting

Drive the Enus Cognoscenti sedan to this location in Tongva Hills:

In-game GTA Online map of the Tongva Hills in Strong Arm Tactics.

Try to avoid crashing the vehicle.

The GTA Online Protagonist inside the Enus Cognoscenti with Tao Cheng and his Translator outside Diamond Casino & Resort.

Arriving at the Duggan’s property in Tongva Hills will commence a conversation between Avery Duggan and Tao Cheng. The former wants to purchase the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online, but the Chinese businessman isn’t buying it.

The GTA Online Protagonist arriving at Avery Duggan's property in Tongva Hills.

The quarrel leads to a gunfight.

Tao Cheng and Avery Duggan talking with the GTA Online Protagonist and his Translator nearby.

Protect Tao Cheng

You must protect the two VIPs and prevent their health bar from dropping to zero.

Enemies will approach on all sides, with occasional attack helicopters flying nearby.

The GTA Online Protagonist defending Tao Cheng against the Duggan guards.


We recommend aiming for the head and using the Combat MG or Unholy Hellbringer, as hordes will attack.

Take Out the Rest of Avery’s Guards

Once the number of hostiles decreases, Tao Cheng and his translator will move back to the sedan.

The GTA Online Protagonist escorting tTao Cheng and his Translator back to the Enus Cognoscenti sedan car.

The Duggan guards are still nearby. Take them out before entering the vehicle.

Wait for Tao and The Translator

Clear the aisle of hostiles and wait for the two VIPs to enter the Cognoscenti.

Go to the Country Club

Take Tao Cheng and his translator to a luxurious hotel.

In-game GTA Online map of the Pacific Bluffs luxurious hotel.

Enemy pursuers will appear around the map, chasing you.

Some may even form roadblocks:

The GTA Online Protagonist escaping from the Duggan guards.

Just take them out, drive carefully, and use fully-automatic weapons.

Entering the small yellow corona will conclude Strong Arm Tactics in GTA Online.

Tao Cheng and his Translator, Agatha Baker, and the GTA Online Protagonist talking during the conclusion of Strong Arm Tactics.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

For the best rewards, pick the hardest difficulty.

Overall, you’ll earn $48,000 – $96,000 and 8,000 – 16,000 RP for completing Strong Arm Tactics. You’ll also progress the storyline, unlocking more Casino Story Missions.

For first-time completion, get FREE $50,000.

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