GTA Online: Play to Win (Casino Story Mission Guide 2024)

Play to Win is one of six Casino Story Missions in GTA Online. Each quest is accessible by heading to the “AB icon in the Management. It becomes available after purchasing the Master Penthouse for $1,500,000 and completing Strong Arm Tactics.

Head to the Diamond Casino & Resort, and let’s get started!

From February 22 to 29, 2024, all Casino Story Missions will offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. Add 2x more if you have an active GTA+ membership. We recommend participating in this job for extra profit.

Play to Win Mission Brief

Further the battle between the Chengs and the Duggans in Play to Win. Trash the oil tankers spread across Los Santos before heading to the main facility. Expect heavy resistance while on the road while preventing any casualty on your side.


  • Use fully automatic weapons.
  • Drive an Armored Vehicle.
  • Oppressor Mk II is a good choice for hunting down moving oil tankers.
  • Restock Snacks and Armor.

Destroy Avery’s Oil Tankers

Tao Cheng’s translator explains that the Duggan’s oil business is their weakness. He’ll instruct you to destroy all four located in the following areas:

In-game GTA Online map for the Play to Win Casino Story Mission.

El Burro Heights (Murrieta Oil Field):

The Oil Tanker in a factory in Murrieta Oil Fields.

LSIA (Xero Gas Building):

The Oil Tanker in Xero Gas Building in Los Santos International Airport.

The other two oil tankers are traveling the streets of Los Santos. Bodyguards inside Canis Kamacho vehicles accompany both.

The GTA Online Protagonist destroying Oil Tankers in Los Santos.

Any explosives can destroy an oil tanker during the mission. However, you may also shoot it to save money.

The GTA Online Protagonist defeating the Duggan guards.

When dealing with moving targets, consider using Sticky Bombs. They cost $600 each at any Ammu-Nation store, with a 10% occasional discount with Gun Vans.

If you insist on using bullets, we recommend the Heavy Revolver for its superb damage.

Go to the LS State Gas Company and Destroy Avery’s Oil Tankers

Destroy the last target will prompt Tao Cheng’s Translator to call, informing you about the Duggan’s operation center, the LS State Gas Company.

In-game GTA Online map for the LS State Gas Company in Play to Win.

Multiple oil tankers are on standby, with one moving (that we highly recommend you take out first.

There are also guards in all directions. For this issue, always aim for the head and use guns with superb firepower.

The Duggan bodyguards inside the LS State Gas Company in GTA Online.

Attack helicopters are also present. Take out the pilot or burst-fire on the chopper’s tail rotor:

The Duggan bodyguards aboard a Buzzard Attack Helicopter inside the LS State Gas Company in GTA Online.

Destroy the remaining targets while eliminating the opposition.

Leave the Area

After blowing up the final target, enemy helicopters will spawn.

The GTA Online Protagonist escaping the LS State Gas Company while Tao Cheng's Translator is calling.

Leave the area, and Play to Win in GTA Online will conclude.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

While there are a lot of gunfights while playing this mission in GTA Online, with the Penthouse’s price, you’ll manage with the hardest difficulty.

Thanks to this month’s bonus, you’ll be able to earn around $96,000 and 15,000 RP (with bonus chips). Rockstar Games’ GTA+ tops a 3.5x bonus and an extra $50,000 for first-time completion.

Important: All Contact Missions offer time-based rewards, meaning you’ll spend time doing Play to Win in GTA Online. We recommend doing this activity between business cooldowns.

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