GTA Online: Blow Up – IV (Premium Deluxe Repo Work Guide 2024)

Since Rockstar Games is generously giving triple cash for Simeon’s Repo Deluxe Work this week, act fast!

If you’re a new GTA Online player, participating in the Blow Up – IV can give you $60,000 and 10,000 RP at best! Even if you own several businesses, you can play the repo work while waiting for cooldowns.

Head to Premium Deluxe Motorsport or play the Job in the Menu, and let’s get started!

Blow Up – IV Mission Brief

Destroy normal and special vehicles inside a warehouse in LSIA. Eliminate hostiles and escape.


  • Use Jerry Cans provided inside the warehouse.
  • Use the Heavy Revolver against enemy gang members (if you’re new to GTA Online).
  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Take cover behind walls.

Go to the Warehouse

Simeon will mark the location on your map. Just follow the yellow line, and you’ll reach your destination.

GTA Online map showing the marked location for the Premium Deluxe Repo Work mission, Blow Up IV.

Destroy the Vehicles

Once inside the Vehicle Warehouse, Simeon will task you with blowing up ten cars.

You can pick up Jerry Cans near the property owner’s quarters. It’ll save you ammunition since using Grenades or Sticky Bombs is expensive.

Poruing oil from a Jerry Can inside the Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online during Blow Up - IV.

Even with a pistol, however, you can shoot the gas tank of a car, and it’ll explode.

The player shooting the car and engulfing it in flames in GTA Online.

Go to the Basement

Follow the yellow dot on your map, and it’ll take you to the basement with other special vehicles. There are no enemies there, so you should be safe.

The player running while inside the personal quarters inside a Vehicle Warehouse in GTA Online.

Destroy the Special Vehicles

For this part, we recommend bringing more Jerry Cans to use. Armored Boxville, Phantom Wedge, and Wastelander take a lot of time to explode.

The GTA Online Protagonist beneath a warehouse's basement.

You may use explosives if you’re comfortable, but it’s optional.

Exit the Warehouse

Once everything’s done, head to where you came from. It’s marked by a yellow dot on your map.

The GTA Online Protagonist heading to the basement ladders.

Take Out the Incoming Enemies

Multiple armed gang members will try to take you out. Find cover immediately and take them out one by one.

Some enemies will approach with a car. We recommend taking them out first to avoid dying.

The player battling enemy gang members in GTA Online.

If you don’t have many weapon choices, we suggest using a Heavy Revolver. Don’t forget to use your Snacks to heal!

Leave the Area

As with most GTA Online missions, conclude the act by leaving the area.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

If you want more rewards, we recommend choosing the hardest difficulty. It’ll give you 1.5x more Cash and RP. 

You can earn around $20,000 to $60,000 by doing Blow Up – IV. The final payout depends on the difficulty and the time spent. There are no cooldowns, so you can always restart this Premium Deluxe Repo Work in GTA Online.

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