The Chainsaw Is Set To Make A Comeback In GTA 6

The launch of GTA 6 is predicted to be more intense and explosive than ever before. Rockstar Games is back with their latest masterpiece, and fans can’t wait to experience the next level of open-world adventure.

Among the many exciting features and updates, one particular element is attracting excitement through the gaming community: the return of the chainsaw.

The Return Of The Chainsaw In GTA 6

News about GTA 6 has been leaking all over social media, revealing not only the predicted release date and exciting features but also fan expectations about the return of their favorite vehicles from previous editions.

GTA 6 Leaked News

Besides the leak about the return of jetpack, recently, on Twitter, a tweet has caught the attention of many GTA lovers, announcing the return of the chainsaw in the upcoming GTA 6 version.

Specifically, the tweet mentions, “A former Rockstar 2D/UI designer claims they worked on ‘500+ in-game 2D assets for GTA VI’ and ‘interior prop labels’ for items like a fire extinguisher, chainsaw, electric board, boat motor, and car engine”.

It’s evident that the GTA 6 development team is putting in a lot of effort to include a variety of weapons that have already captured our hearts. They’re bringing back the chainsaw and introducing the electric board, boat motor, and more.

The chainsaw is a favorite close-combat weapon among GTA fans due to its powerful damage. It was featured in GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, and Chinatown Wars. However, to the surprise of many, it was removed in GTA 5.

Therefore, the return of the chainsaw will add even more excitement for fans awaiting the release of GTA 6.

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