Dual Protagonists in GTA 6 (Video Footage)

More and more videos or images are supposed to be taken from GTA 6 these days, raising already sky-high fan expectations.

Although these leaks are blurred and mainly under the process, they serve as glimpses into what the game might offer.

If you’re wondering what the animations and movements will look like in GTA 6, then read on to find out!

How Will the Protagonist Act in GTA 6?

Recently, on X, an account associated with GTA 6 leaked footage believed to be a scene from the game.

This footage features 2 main protagonists, Jason and Lucia, inside a base.

It appears that developers are testing animations for this duo, as after each click on the commands displayed in the tab shown in the video, one of the two characters reacts and interacts with the other.

GTA 6 leaked footage

Furthermore, this video reveals several other noteworthy details.

Firstly, we get a clear look at the appearances of Jason and Lucia, and they closely resemble previous predictions.

Moreover, the character-switching animations flow seamlessly, showcasing the characters’ basic movements like walking, looking, and interacting with impressive realism.

While there aren’t specific scenes showing other actions, such as picking up guns, shooting, or using melee weapons, this aspect is highly anticipated.

Additionally, at the end of the video, we catch a glimpse of the graphics quality outside of the base. Compared to GTA 5, additional graphics mods may be required to come close to matching the graphics showcased in this video.

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