GTA 5 Weed Farm Locations (Maps, Prices & Guides)

In GTA 5, making more money is always a concern; whether you go on a mission, heist a bank, sell stolen cars, rob stores, etc.

One potential way to become wealthy is by owning a weed farm, as long as you have the necessary funds. Since there are 4 locations to locate all the weed farms, some players may find it challenging to find one.

In this post, we’ll guide you through all 4 locations of weed farms in GTA V.

Map of All Weed Farm Locations In GTA 5

Before we proceed, you may want to look at the map first to familiarize yourself with all weed farm locations.

GTA 5 Weed Farm Locations

All 4 Locations of the Weed Farms In GTA 5

You must first become a Motorcycle Club President to purchase a weed farm. To do so, buy a clubhouse online on the Maze Bank website.

Once you have a clubhouse, use the laptop inside the club to buy an existing weed farm factory.

1. San Chianski Mountain Range

A little weed farm is located at the San Chianski Mountain Range, which costs about $715,000, excluding the upgrades.

This weed farm is ideal for beginners, as it is accessible and near the freeway. You can find it on the map with the weed icon on it once you have purchased it online. It is situated close to a train track and a factory.

2. Mount Chiliad

This weed farm is more pricey than the first one and is close to Paleto Bay and the mountains up in the north. It is priced at $805,200 but is slightly farther from the city, which could be a nightmare for beginners.

3. Elysian Island

Another weed farm is located at the southern port of Los Santos. This weed farm is priced at $1,072,500, which is a little expensive, but you do have to consider the location, which is beneficial for your business.

4. Downtown Vinewood

Last but not least, a weed farm located within Vinewood, the way to become wealthier is to put your business where all the potential buyers are at reach, right? That being said, this weed farm is priced at a whopping $1,358,500.

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