All 14 Secret Vehicle Locations In GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

GTA 5 offers millions of vehicles of many types. However, there are some vehicles that are not simply obtained or looted in normal ways. They can be acquired through special missions or purchased with a huge amount of money.

In this post, we’ll list all 14 secret vehicle locations in GTA 5 and their requirements.

All 14 Secret Vehicles Locations In GTA 5

These 14 secret vehicles are rare, luxurious, and can be obtained exclusively via missions, purchases, or simply robbing.

1. Nagasaki Blazer

The Nagasaki Blazer is available for purchase at Southern San Andreas Super Autos (use your phone to access its website) for $8,000.

Besides, this vehicle can be found around Blaine County, near Paleto Bay, or south of the Altruist cult camp on Mount Chiliad.

In the southeast area of Los Santos International Airport, a Blazer can be found alongside a Trashmaster and a Dozer.

Lastly, one can be discovered on an old wooden fishing platform in Lago Zancudo.

2. Tractor

The best way to get the tractor is to find it parked near the El Gordo Lighthouse, right next to Ursula’s house.

The Epsilon Tractor is rewarded to you upon completing the path of enlightenment for the Epsilon Program. If you decide to donate money to the Epsilon Program during the mission, you will receive this special vehicle.

Occasionally, you may come across a tractor parked near a small storage unit in the farmland areas, not far from the paths that lead to the train tracks.

3. Sandking Xl

The Sandking XL is commonly seen driving on the trails in and around Blaine County. You can also find it parked near the Del Perro Beach boardwalk, where the triathlon starts.

There is a chance to acquire this vehicle at some specific locations, such as Joshua Road, at the far west end of the Grand Senora Desert, or next to the Del Perro Pier.

You can purchase the Sandking XL from Southern San Andreas Super Autos (access its official website via your phone) for $45,000.

4. Space Docker

Space Docker is a special vehicle that is obtained only after completing the mission “The Final Frontier” (by Franklin).

Once Franklin has collected all Spaceship Parts, he can return to Omega to wrap up the mission. As a reward, Franklin will receive the Space Docker, which will be available in Omega’s garage.

Although the Space Docker won’t reappear in Franklin’s garage, it can be obtained by the other protagonists, Trevor and Michael.

5. Submersible

You have 2 options to get this sub-aquatic vehicle: Purchase the Sonar Collections Dock or complete The Merryweather Heist with the Offshore method selected, then a Submersible will appear at Sandy Shores Airfield.

6. Dinghy

There are many approaches to getting the Dingy, as you can find it at the drydocks in the middle of Elysian Island or under the Miriam Turner Overpass.

After Michael meets Abigail, a Dinghy will be available in the Sonar Collections Dock.

To obtain the two-seater variant, complete the mission “Derailed” while the boat is still in the water. It will have a unique black and dark red color scheme.

Lastly, if you disrupt the mission “Monkey Business” just before starting it, you can obtain a Dinghy.

7. P-996 Lazer

To get the military fighter jet, you must visit Fort Zancudo, where a group of 2-3 of them can be found landing inside.

8. Park Ranger

You can find the Park Ranger being used by park rangers in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and Cassidy Creek.

The Park Ranger can occasionally be found at the Sheriff’s Office in Paleto Bay.

You can locate one parked within the fenced area around the broadcast tower at the end of Mount Haan Drive behind the Vinewood Sign in Vinewood. However, note that entering this restricted area usually results in a 1-star wanted level, and the security guard inside will try to engage.

Sometimes they are found patrolling the dirt roads in the hills behind Paleto Bay.

9. Unmarked Police Cruiser

The Unmarked Cruiser, one of the rarest Stanier-based vehicles, can be found during Barry’s Grass Roots side mission as Franklin, specifically the “Grass Roots The Pickup” mission.

During the “Property Management” side mission for Smoke on the Water, also playing as Franklin, there is a chance of encountering an Unmarked Cruiser while driving a Smoke on the Water van.

From 22:00 to 04:00, around the Strawberry Station, a Unmarked Cruiser might be nearby.

10. Z-Type

You can buy the Z-Type from Legendary Motorsport (use your phone and access its official website) for $10,000,000.

Additionally, during the “Eye in the Sky” mission, you can acquire the Z-Type by parking it inside the garage of 3671 Whispymound Drive. After exiting and re-entering the car, drive it out of the garage and then abandon it.

11. Adder

You can also purchase the Adder in GTA 5 from Legendary Motorsport (use your phone to access its official website) for $1,000,000.

On the other hand, you can find the Truffade Adder in front of Sessanta Nove at Portola Drive in Rockford Hills, where it spawns quite often.

For more details, check out this post to learn where to find the Adder in GTA 5.

12. FIB Buffalo

You can find the FIB Buffalo parked next to the satellites in the Grand Senora Desert, accompanied by FIB agents and scientists. This usually occurs between 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning.

13. FIB Granger

The fastest way to find the FIB Granger is to mess up the city until you reach the 4-star wanted level, then take the vehicle from the police.

Two FIB Grangers can be found parked alongside the satellites in the Grand Senora Desert. Accompanied by FIB agents and scientists, they appear between approximately 10:00 and 11:30 in the morning.

14. Super Diamond

gta 5 vehicle location

Instantly, you can purchase the Super Diamond from Southern San Andreas Super Autos (use your phone to access its website) for $250,000.

The Super Diamond can be spotted in Rockford Hills, particularly in the parking lot adjacent to Leopolds.

Another location where the Super Diamond sometimes appears is in traffic at Vespucci Beach. Additionally, it often spawns in traffic in Rockford Hills.

At times, you may spot the Super Diamond driving in areas like Rockford Hills, Richman, and Vinewood Hills.

Lastly, the Super Diamond can be seen in North Chumash, across the road from Hookies.

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