All 21 Van Locations in GTA 5 (Map & Guide)

In GTA 5, vans are versatile and beneficial vehicles commonly used for missions and transportation. There are many van variants in GTA 5, and each of them contains a unique appearance and performance.

Join us in this post to uncover where to find 21 van vehicles in GTA 5.

Map Of All 10 Van Locations In GTA 5

As the most common vehicle in GTA 5, you can find vans almost everywhere in the game. However, some of these vans are connected to specific missions, while others are only available in certain places.

Therefore, as there are 10 van vehicles limited to certain locations or obtainable through missions, we will provide a map indicating the locations where you can get them.

All 21 Van Locations in GTA 5

Now, let’s explore all 21 van variants in GTA 5.

1. Bison

gta 5 van location

The Bison can often be spotted in Blaine County, especially in Sandy Shores, and it is common on major highways in both Los Santos and Blaine County.

Besides, you can find it parked on the beach area in Paleto Bay, southwest side of Los Santos International Airport, or at Harmony Truck Stop on Joshua Road.

2. Bison (McGill-Olsen Variant)

The Bison McGill-Olsen variant can be found parked around the Redwood Lights Track.

3. Bison (Mighty Bush variant)

The Mighty Bush variant commonly spawns on freeways and around the countryside. You can also find it parked inside a fenced area near the restrooms at Cottage Park in Rockford Hills.

4. Bobcat XL

The best place to get the vehicle is on Elysian Island. Otherwise, you can drive along the highway with your protagonist’s vehicle between Vinewood and Grand Senora Desert.

5. Boxville (GoPostal Variant)

You should look for the Boxville van in GoPostal Building in Downtown Vinewood.

6. Boxville (Utility Variant)

This van is commonly spotted at the Port of Los Santos or sometimes seen exiting the main facilities of their respective companies.

7. Boxville (Humane Labs)

The only way to obtain this van is by preparing for the mission “The Jewel Store Job” when you decide to choose the “Smart” approach.

8. Burrito

The Burrito vans are commonly driven by peds in Hawick or Cypress Flats.

9. Burrito (Bugstars Variant)

The Bugstars Burrito is available only in Bugstars depot, Elysian Island.

10. Camper

Camper is commonly found on highways in Blaine County. Moreover, you can see 2-3 Camper vans outside the Beam Me Up hippie camp.

11. Gang Burrito

The van is commonly used by the members of The Lost MC during property attacks and random events. Generally, it’s pretty difficult to find this van in the game.

12. Journey

Journey is a common van in Blaine County. Just go through any street in this area, and you can see this van driven by Peds.

13. Minivan

Minivan is extremely common in South Los Santos and Paleto Bay.

14. Pony

Pony vans can be found in El Burro Heights, there’s another Pony with a “Sunset Bleach” livery that often spawns nearby as well.

15. Pony (Smoke On The Water Variant)

This special van is used for the “Smoke on the Water” delivery missions. You can get it by switching from Franklin after the mission and then switching back.

16. Rumpo

You can find Rumpo in every parking area or in traffic.

17. Rumpo (Deludamol Variant)

This Rumpo variant is only available during the mission “Mrs. Philips”. You can find this van at the entrance of Dollar Pills Pharmacy in Strawberry.

18. Speedo

Speedo has a similar appearance to Rumpo. If you’re around Chumash Plaza, you can find 1-2 Speedo vans in a parking lot.

18. Surfer

The Surfer van can be found commonly in Blaine County.

19. Surfer (Beater Variant)

This dirty version of the Surfer van can be found in the parking place of the abandoned motel, Sandy Shores.

20. Taco Van

Taco Van is available in tourist destinations or on the freeway. Besides, you can spot the Taco Van randomly in Sandy Shores.

21. Youga

The Youga can be found around Los Santos.

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