Rockstar Editor to be Removed from PS4 and Xbox One on February 20, 2024

After Rockstar Games announced a new GTA Online weekly event on their website, they announced that they are removing the Rockstar Editor from the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Are you curious about what led them to make this decision? Let’s dive in and find out!

The Removal of Rockstar Editor from PS4 and Xbox One

According to Rockstar, they will be removing the Rockstar Editor from the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, mainly due to their limited capabilities. It is said that it will be removed for both GTA Online and GTA 5.

The announcement was uncalled for, as they posted it in one of their GTA Online weekly event articles. It is right under the “Salvage Yard Robbery Targets.”

It is titled “GTA Online Updates on PS4 and Xbox One“. It was also posted by their support Twitter account, “Rockstar Support,” right after publishing the article.

Why Rockstar Games Do This?

This is due to the hardware capabilities of PS4 and Xbox One. Although we know these consoles are still powerful enough to play games until they age, we believe that Rockstar is looking for something bigger.

We also think they will release the upcoming GTA 6 game on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Rockstar knows that the latter consoles wouldn’t be able to handle the game.

We also believe that Rockstar is considering the future of gaming. Let’s face it; we are in the age of innovation, and games coming out in the next five years will be graphically advanced, making it challenging for old consoles to play.

Note: The Rockstar Editor will continue to be fully supported on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

What is Rockstar Editor?

The Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V is a powerful tool that lets players create and edit videos seamlessly in both Story Mode and GTA Online, allowing them to explore their creativity and become virtual directors.

The Rockstar Editor first came out on PC, and later on September 15, 2015, it was added to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the “Freemode Events Update.”

Since then, it has been enjoyed by many and produced numerous creative videos within the GTA community.

What Will Happen to the Projects You’ve Made from Your PS4 or Xbox One?

Rockstar said that on February 20, 2024, all Clips or Projects will be erased as the Rockstar Editor is being discontinued on these platforms.

This might be bad news for fans or gamers out there with a PS4 and Xbox One; however, there is one solution so that you can still see the project you’ve made and not let it go to waste.

Apparently, you can export the project you did on YouTube from your PS4 or Xbox One by following these steps:

  1. Launch the Rockstar Editor.
  2. Navigate to the Video Gallery.
  3. Choose the specific Project you intend to Export.
  4. Select “Upload to YouTube“, and then confirm with “Yes.”
  5. If you agree to the Sharing Policy, proceed by selecting the “Upload” option.
  6. Confirm your video title, followed by inputting the video description, tagging, and any additional details.

Note: Upload your projects from your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One then export them to YouTube. To do this, ensure that your Rockstar Games account is linked to the YouTube account where you intend to upload your video.

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