How to “Banwave-Proof” Your GTA Online Console Account?

Since Rockstar Games are notorious for their overpriced Shark Cash Cards, players reply by exploiting money-making loopholes as an f-bomb. 

Unfortunately for the so-called modders, Rockstar Games decided to push their “ban wave” button in the past two weeks, creating an uproar.

Everything that has happened has an impact on GTA Online’s future. How did we reach this point, and what implications could we expect? More importantly, is your account safe? More details in this story.

The Issue: GTA Online Takes Ages to Grind

GTA V is a paid game that comes with free GTA Online accessibility.

GTA Online is the latest iteration of the Story Mode’s universe. For example, Franklin assists you with running the Agency while Michael and Trevor are mentioned as going separate ways.

Franklin (left) and the GTA Online Protagonist in front of the Videogeddon arcade.

Obviously, more functionality and QoL improvements are prioritized in the online version. At the same time, the Southern San Andreas State is affected by real-life inflation.

Here are some cars and their price comparison in GTA 5 Story Mode and GTA Online:

Vehicle NameGTA 5 Story Mode PriceGTA Online Price
Pfister Comet$85,000$100,000
Benefactor Surano$99,000$110,000
Imponte Duke O’Death$279,000$665,000
Invetero Coquette Classic$350,000 to $395,000$665,000

Some cars retain their price while others are made cheaper. But it’s another story with “meta” vehicles:

Vehicle NameEarliest PriceUpdated Price
Oppressor Mk II$2,925,000 to $3,890,250$6,000,000 to $8,000,000
Deluxo$3,550,000 to $4,721,500$4,312,500 to $5,750,000
Akula$2,785,000 to $3,704,050$3,375,000 to $4,500,000

Without paying $10 for the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, you wouldn’t have a headstart Special Cargo and Counterfeit Cash Factory businesses. 

The promotional poster for the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Sure, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid lets a level 1 player earn $500,000. But since Rockstar Games are careful with money, expect a massive nerf in the future.

The Bottomline: Grinding money in GTA Online is required. If you want a self-sufficient passive business like the Nightclub, you have to dump money first. To make that happen, you also need tons of money.

The Solution: Play with a Modded Account

If you’re playing GTA Online and earning clean money, chances are you know how challenging it gets. 

The solution? Buy a modded account from a third party and enjoy.

In this context, modded accounts are products of an account duplication exploit, allowing players to copy another user’s data. Such accounts are usually level 8000 and have billions of GTA$.

So far, the targeted platforms are PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. It’s safe to say Rockstar Games is eyeing other platforms like Windows for good measure.

The Verdict: Modders Will Shrug it Off

According to Rockstar Games, players won’t gain access to their banned accounts, including all assets. 

Appeals won’t work, and purchasing GTA 5 using a different account is the only way. Moreover, your GTA+ membership will be revoked and must be canceled manually.

Despite all the measures Rockstar Games have taken, it’s just another normal day for modders. There may be massive reductions of modded accounts, but they’re not entirely wiped out.

How to Avoid Getting Banned in GTA Online?

Rockstar Games updated GTA Online’s suspension and ban policy in February 2024. Among the list of punishable acts include modding the game and abusing game mechanics (exploits), to name a few.

So, to avoid getting banned, follow the rules.

Otherwise, having an account like this invites a ban with no chance of return:

A modder that is going to be hit by a banwave in GTA Online.

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