New Natural Disasters, Animals, and Fishing in GTA 6

GTA 6 is eagerly anticipated by fans, not just for improvements in gameplay, graphics, and story but also for its new and creative features.

One of the latest rumors about GTA 6 is the potential addition of hurricanes, alligators, cartels, and fishing, which are entirely new and exciting. Read on to find out more!

New Potential Components in GTA 6

A recent post on Reddit shared rumors about the possible new adventures coming to GTA 6, including hurricanes, alligators, cartels, and fishing.

These new components are believed to bring a unique experience to GTA lovers.

New Potential Components in GTA 6

While GTA 5 offers typical weather types like clear, foggy, blizzardy, or rainy, the absence of natural disasters makes it unrealistic.

As a result, fans are expecting that GTA 6’s developers will add more calamities to its world, such as hurricanes, which might be a big challenge for the protagonist and affect structures in the game.

The animal variety in GTA 5 covers various types, both on land and in water, as well as birds, and the presence of alligators in the next version would be an intriguing and important addition.

Fans are currently engaged in discussions about how the cartel and fishing mechanics will work.

Many speculate that these features could draw inspiration from Red Dead Redemption 2, another game developed by Rockstar Games, potentially sharing similar gameplay mechanics.

Anyway, these are just rumors, and we’ll have to wait until GTA 6 is released to confirm them.

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