How Big Is The GTA 6 Map?

The gaming community is abuzz with excitement as rumors and speculations surround GTA 6. One aspect that captures everyone’s attention is the map. While official details are scarce, lots of fans have shared the image that is believed to be the map of the next GTA version.

In this article, let’s take a look at the rumored map of GTA 6.

GTA 6 Map Rumor: How Big Is It?

Until now, we don’t have clear and definite official information about GTA 6. But plenty of fans are out there making convincing arguments about when it might be released and what cool features we could expect (like a jetpack).

Besides, many fans are really eager to know whether the world in GTA 6 will be vast and majestic. GTA 5 already did a great job with that, but fans are still expecting even more.

Recently on Twitter, a lot of people have been curious about a particular picture that supposedly shows the map of the next GTA installment.

By looking at this picture, it seems like the map in GTA 6 is supposed to be even bigger than the already expansive and diverse map of GTA 5.

Moreover, the rumored GTA 6 map is believed to bring even more cities, a more complex traffic system, and other exciting elements. This hints at GTA 6 being an expansive open world with millions of missions, destinations, and hidden surprises for us to uncover without any limits.

Even though Rockstar hasn’t made an official announcement about the map of GTA 6, the rumors and alleged images of this GTA 6 map have raised fans’ excitement for the next edition the following GTA 5.

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