GTA Online: Under the Hammer (Premium Deluxe Repo Work Guide 2024)

Getting involved with the LSPD in Under the Hammer is a risk worth taking, thanks to this week’s triple cash and RP!

If you’re new to GTA Online, you can earn around $60,000 participating in this Premium Deluxe Repo Work. It’s fun, straightforward, and inclines more on working tricks!

Enter Premium Deluxe Motorsport to start the job or access the Menu to start!

Under the Hammer Mission Brief

Simeon’s request consists of “retrieving” two to four luxury vehicles at a heavily guarded police station in La Mesa. The retrieval operation only requires target vehicles, so remove uninvited guests!


  • Use an armored vehicle.
  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Drive straight to the designation point.

Go to the Police Station

Before proceeding, create a Point of Interest in this location to serve as a hideout:

In-game GTA Online map to the hideout near the Terminal (docks).

This spot is helpful in case Lester’s “Remove Wanted Level” is on cooldown or you haven’t unlocked it yet in GTA Online.

Simeon will mark the La Mesa Police Station on your map. Just follow the yellow GPS route, and you’ll reach it within 30 seconds.

In-game GTA Online to the La Mesa Police Station.

Steal a Target Vehicle

Approaching the Police Station will update your map with two large blue dots pointing to the Infernus Classic and Turismo Classic.

In front of the La Mesa Police Station during the Under the Hammer.

We suggest claiming the Turismo Classic first as it’s less guarded than the other car. Take note that cops will open fire if you trespass on the property. We recommend fighting back to avoid taking too much damage.

Going back a second time gives the usual three Wanted Level stars. However, even if you’re outside the property, cops will be alerted.

The GTA Online Protagonist boarding the target vehicle.

Enter the car once again, and Simeon will instruct you to lose the heat.

Lose the Cops

Despite grabbing your first car with three Wanted Level stars, Simeon will instruct you to head straight to the docks. Way past Ammu-Nation and LS Car Meet, however, you’ll have to lose the cops.

The GTA Online Protagonist calling Lester

Head to the marked Point of Interest earlier if Lester is unavailable.

It’ll take you to hidden train tracks. Just pay attention to where a train may come from to avoid dying.

Note: Shooting a civilian will bring back Wanted Level stars. We don’t recommend being reckless until the vehicle is delivered.

Deliver the Vehicle to the Docks

The Point of Interest earlier is conveniently near the Terminal, where you must drop the vehicle.

Two stolen vehicles in front of Simeon's Garage in Terminal.

Head straight to the docks to complete Under the Hammer.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

With little firefight involved, the hardest difficulty is the best option. You’ll earn $60,000 and 13,000 RP in a single run.

Beginner or not, Under the Hammer in GTA Online takes time to finish. That’s why you won’t be punished by Rockstar Games’ time-based rewards system.

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