GTA Online: Simeon’s Export Requests (UPDATED Guide 2024)

Extra cash is always welcome to beginners in GTA Online. With major businesses like Salvage Yard and Auto Shop requiring expensive upfront capital, buying one will take hours of grinding.

Simeon Yetarian — the brains behind Premium Deluxe Motorsport — is generous enough to offer work even with little experience. All you need is to drive a vehicle, get it customized, and deliver it to a safe spot.

In this guide, we’ll help you with the money-making method, Simeon’s Export Requests. We’ve included pro tips and all cars with their corresponding prices.

UPDATED as of 01/02/24 (4:10 PM UTC): 3x Cash is now available! See the “All Vehicle Prices” for more info.

Simeon’s Export Requests in GTA Online

Every 24 real-life hours, Simeon will send you a text message containing a list of target vehicles. Retrieving one of five cars (from 20 available models) will earn you GTA$ and RP.

The Benefactor Feltzer inside the Los Santos Customs during Simeon's Export Requests in GTA Online.

The prerequisites are:

  • Reach Rank 9.
  • Obtained a Personal Vehicle tracker for the first time.
  • Willingness to drive and earn money.

How Does It Work?

Simeon’s Export Requests almost work the same in any lobby, save for a few exceptions. Here’s a convenient table of comparison when doing the activity on a Public or Private Server:

Public LobbyPrivate Lobby
List of car changes per session.
The GTA Online Protagonist is free to select from pooled vehicles.
Other players can steal the target vehicle.✓ – If the same model is in their contract. ✗ – If the mentioned model is not on their contract.✗ – Not a problem.
PvP & PvE elements can fail Simeon’s Export Requests✓ – If Passive Mode is disabled, you and your car are protected. ✗ – Other players and factors can destroy your vehicle.✓ – If Passive Mode is disabled, you and your car are protected. ✗ – Other players and factors can destroy your vehicle.
Bonus Money✗ – Surprisingly, doing it in a Public Session has no profit boost, unlike Vehicle Cargo Delivery and other similar businesses.

How to Initiate Simeon’s Export Requests in GTA Online?

Since Simeon’s message is almost always delayed, find a “suspicious-looking car”. You’ll know if it’s flashy and uncommon compared to what most NPCs are driving.

The downside: It’s not always reliable. So, feel free to explore and tend to other businesses (if you have one).

Upon entering the vehicle, you’ll receive two Wanted Level stars. Remember: You can only lose them naturally, so Lester’s and CEO’s abilities won’t be able to help.

The Benefactor Feltzer near the Canals.

After losing the heat, head to the nearest LS Customs. Repair (if necessary) and respray the auto (free of charge).

Before and after of car paint.

Head to the Terminal marked by the “S” icon. Deliver the car, and you’ll receive varying cash rewards and 500 RP. Repairs are also given refunds.

Simeon's Terminal during the Simeon's Export Requests in GTA Online.

All Vehicle Prices

Although considered a beginner-friendly way of earning money in GTA Online, Simeon’s Export Requests is only available every 24 real-life hours.

Depending on the car, you’ll earn between $9,000 to $20,000. Thanks to the weekly update running from February 2 to 9, 2024, you’ll earn $27,000 to $60,000.

As of August 2020, during the Los Santos Summer Special update, only the following cars are available:

VehicleMarket PriceLS Customs Sell CostSimeon’s Payout
Enus Super Diamond$250,000n/a$60,000
Pegassi Infernus$440,000n/a$60,000
Benefactor Feltzer$145,000n/a$60,000
Dewbauchee Exemplar$205,000n/a$60,000
Grotti Carbonizzare$195,000n/a$60,000
Vapid Bullet$155,000n/a$60,000
Invetero Coquette$138,000n/a$59,400
Benefactor Surano$110,000n/a$49,500
Bravado Banshee$105,000n/a$47,250
Pfister Comet$100,000n/a$45,000
Übermacht Sentinel$95,000$9,500$42,750
Lampadati Felon GT$95,000$9,500$42,750
Obey Rocoto$85,000$8,500$38,250
Benefactor Schwartzer$80,000$8,000$36,000
Ocelot F620$80,000$8,000$36,000
Benefactor Dubsta$70,000$7,000$31,500
Benefactor Schafter$65,000$6,500$29,250
Übermacht Zion$60,000$6,000$27,000
Benefactor Serrano$60,000$6,000$27,000
Ocelot Jackal$60,000$6,000$27,000

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