GTA Online: Sasquatched (Premium Deluxe Repo Work Guide 2024)

Rockstar Games dished out triple cash and RP as part of the weekly event in GTA Online. With the bonus almost ending, we suggest you take advantage!

Sasquatched is one of eight Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions by Simeon Yetarian. It’s easy that even a beginner can casually complete the job!

Visit Premium Deluxe Motorsport or access the Job Menu, and let’s get started!

Sasquatched Mission Brief

“Borrow” a Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch in La Puerta and smash cars across Los Santos as requested by Simeon. Ignore the cops as you complete the mission and deliver the Sasquatch to the Terminal.


  • Never use your weapon once inside a Sasquatch. Cops won’t start firing even if you destroy target vehicles.
  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.

Go to the Maze Bank Arena

Before heading to the designated location in GTA Online, mark the metro station and follow the railway tracks. It’ll take you near Carson Ave in Rancho:

In-game GTA Online map and photo of the Los Santos Transit tracks.

During the Repo Work’s closing, you’ll have to evade the cops. You may contact Lester to “Remove Wanted Level”, but a cooldown will most likely take place.

Now, head to the Maze Bank Arena. It should be marked on your map:

In-game GTA Online map of the Maze Bank Arena.

Steal a Sasquatch

The Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch is near the Maze Bank Arena entrance. Take out guarding officers and enter the vehicle.

The GTA Online Protagonist using a Sniper Scope to the Sasquatch in Sasquatched with two police officers nearby.

Important: You’ll acquire two Wanted Level stars. Ignore the police officers and refuse to escalate the situation. Otherwise, they’ll open fire at you, making Sasquatched a bit challenging.

The GTA Online Protagonist boarding the Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch in Sasquatched.

We also forbid using Lester’s “Remove Wanted Level” as destroying target vehicles will reactivate Wanted Level stars anyway. 

Destroy the Vehicles

Entering the Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch triggers the next step. Simeon will mark your map with big, red dots as target vehicles you must destroy.

In-game GTA Online map of all 18 target vehicles marked as big, red dots.

During the process, you may eliminate the LSPD officers. You won’t gain an additional Wanted Level star, but they’ll fight back.

The GTA Online Protagonist ramming down cars using the Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch.

You’re also free to use any vehicle, like the Oppressor Mk II or Sparrow, to destroy the target vehicles. Only get back to the Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch before the Repo Work ends.

For the first batch, Simeon will send 18 target autos. One of them is inside a building.

A beautiful car inside an open Auto Shop.

We recommend using the FREE Jerry Can if you don’t want to waste explosives.

The GTA Online Protagonist using a Jerry Can.

Otherwise, feel free to detonate Sticky Bombs or fire Rockets.

The second batch consists of ten cars. Blow them all up.

In-game GTA Online map of ten target vehicles marked as big, red dots.

Remember that some vehicles are in motion around the map.

The GTA Online Protagonist chasing an Orange Karin Dilletante.

Deliver the Sasquatch to the Docks

After destroying all 28 vehicles, head to Simeon’s Delivery Garage at the Terminal. You’ll have to enter the designated car, and cops might chase you.

In-game GTA Online map of the Terminal.

Use Lester’s ability to remove Wanted Level stars. If not, go to the marked Point of Interest conveniently near the Terminal.

The GTA Online Protagonist in the Elysian Island Terminal phoning Lester while inside a Sasquatch.

You’re free to head straight, but we recommend driving carefully and avoiding violence against civilians, as cops will start pursuing you again.

Sasquatched in GTA Online will conclude upon entering the small, yellow corona near the destination point.

The GTA Online Protagonist exiting the Sasquatch.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

Even if you’re new to GTA Online, we encourage picking the hardest difficulty. There’s little gunfight during Sasquatched, and it’s more straightforward than other missions.

At best, you’ll earn $70,000 and 15,000 RP. Since it’s a time-based pay, we advise taking Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions as something you’d do while you have business cooldowns. For beginners, it’s good cash to climb the criminal life and discover other business opportunities.

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