GTA Online: Last Dose 5 – BDKD (Full Guide 2024)

BDKD is the final of the five Last Dose Missions in GTA Online, unlocked after completing Checking In.

Visit The Freakshop in Mirror Park to start!

From February 15 to 22, 2024, all Last Dose Missions in GTA Online offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. We recommend participating during your business cooldowns to maximize profits.

Last Dose 5 – BDKD Mission Brief

Confront Dr. Isiah Friedlander one last time and prevent his trip to South America. Recover his stash thousands of feet above surface level and escape the local authorities.


  • Must know how to fly a plane.
  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Pay attention when handling the Cargo Plane and the Truck.

Enter the Velum and Fly to LSIA

Before starting BDKD in GTA Online, place a Point of Interest in the following location:

In-game GTA Online map of the Sewers near Diamond Casino & Resort.

During the escape, you’ll most likely have to lose the heat because of bad luck. Police officers and the military won’t enter the place.

Now, go to the LS Storm Drain outside The Freakshop and pilot the Jobuilt Velum 5-Seater.

The Velum boarded by the GTA Online Protagonist and Luchadora in BDKD.

Head to LSIA by following the yellow dot on your radar. The Cargo Plane with Dr. Isiah Friedlander, some of his goons, and a massive stash of wonder drugs inside will start taking off.

The GTA Online Protagonist flying the Velum to LSIA.

While the next mission objective requires you to follow the Cargo Plane, avoid sticking too close as it might jeopardize BDKD in GTA Online.

Fly Close to the Rear of the Cargo Plane

As the Velum is slightly slower than the Cargo Plane, performing a short dive before ascending will let you catch the target. Note that waiting for a few seconds for the target to reach altitude level makes the chase possible even without the dive.

The GTA Online Protagonist flying the Velum closing to the Cargo Flane in BDKD.

Stay Within Range to Hack the Cargo Plane Door

Upon getting close to the airplane, you’ll be able to use the RubberNeck signal device and start breaching its rear door.

The GTA Online Protagonist hacking the Cargo Plane using the Velum aeroplane.

We suggest flying at a decent speed to prevent leaving the small circle, which is essential for hacking. Just be careful not to let it reach Palmer-Taylor Power Station, as it’ll fail BDKD in GTA Online after a few seconds.

Go to the Cockpit

Once the rear cargo door is breached, multiple Friedmind goons will open fire. Take them out.

The GTA Online Protagonist eliminating all Friedlander's goons.

Afterwards, head to the cockpit.

Fly the Cargo Plane to Sandy Shores Airfield

A small yellow dot will appear on your map once you fully control the airplane.

Head towards Sandy Shores Airfield safely and avoid incurring damage.

The Cargo Plane at Sandy Shores Airfield.

Dax will meet you in a Mule Custom while unloading the Friedmind crates and stashes.

Defend Dax While He Loads the Truck

Police officers will arrive at the scene. Dax is still loading the Friedmind crates.

At this point, the Mule Custom will have a health bar. Eliminate all police officers and minimize the damage done.

The GTA Online Protagonist attacking the cops.

Police Riots and Mavericks will appear, although you only get a max of three Wanted Level stars.

Take cover and use your Snacks and Armor to avoid death.

Enter the Truck and Deliver it to The Freakshop

The chase will begin, with several roadblocks forming once you enter Los Santos.

Pay attention to the Mule Custom’s health and minimize damage by eliminating chasing cops.

Once you enter East Vinewood (roughly near The Diamond Casino & Resort), you’ll be able to lose your Wanted Level Stars. Go to your marked Point of Interest to lose the heat.

The GTA Online Protagonist driving the Mule Custom truck to The Freakshop.

Delivering the truck to the yellow corona outside The Freakshop will conclude BDKD in GTA Online.

Rewards for Completing Last Dose 5 – BDKD in GTA Online

This week’s bonus Cash and RP will give you $48,000 and 7,000 RP, respectively. You’ll also earn a free Ocelot Virtue with an original market price of $2,980,000. The electric hypercar also comes with a rare Friedmind livery.

To claim the Ocelot Virtue, head to this location:

In-game GTA Online map of West Vinewood and the Ocelot Virtue.

Finishing BDKD for the first time in GTA Online gives you FREE $100,000.

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