GTA Online: Last Dose 4 – Checking In (Full Guide 2024)

Checking In is one of five Last Dose Missions in GTA Online, unlocked after completing Friedmind. It is followed by BDKD.

Head to The Freakshop and initiate the mission!

From February 15 to 22, 2024, all Last Dose Missions in GTA Online offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. We recommend participating during your business cooldowns to maximize profits.

Last Dose 4 – Checking In Mission Brief

Confront Dr. Isiah Friedlander alongside Dax and Luchadora. Survive the unexpected ordeal while under the influence.


  • Perform headshots as much as possible.
  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Pay attention not to friendly-fire Lucha and Dax unless otherwise instructed.

Before starting the Checking In, expect hallucinations similar to the Fooligan Job, Liquid Assets.

If you’ve played GTA V Story Mode, waves of aliens appear when Michael smokes Barry’s joint. De Santa is armed with a minigun, perfect for taking out hordes.

Unfortunately, you only have access to the following Mk II weapons (unlimited ammo) once you’re ready to confront Isiah Friedlander:

  • Combat MG Mk II
  • Special Carbine Mk II
  • Pump Shotgun Mk II
  • Pistol Mk II
  • Heavy Sniper Mk II

The best weapon for Checking In on GTA Online is subjective. But after testing thoroughly, we suggest sticking to Combat MG Mk II thanks to its Full Metal Jacket Rounds amplified by the MG’s superior damage.

Everything else won’t be used.

For extra measure, we suggest adjusting your mouse’s sensitivity to compensate for your shooting skill.

Follow Dax to the Rehab Clinic

Get into your vehicle of choice and follow Dax and Lucha driving the Journey II.

The GTA Online Protagonist driving a Vigilante with Dax and Lucha driving a Journey 2 in Checking In.

However, you may get to the scene before the duo to see other Fooliganz members shooting Friedlander’s armed goons.

In-game GTA Online map of the rehab clinic in Vinewood Hills.

Eliminate all hostiles first before confronting Isiah Friedlander.

The GTA Online Protagonist shooting Friedlander's goons with an Unholy Hellbringer.

Break into the Rehab Clinic Main Entrance

Go to the yellow dot that will be shown on your radar upon entering the property.

Wait for Dax and Lucha to follow.

Friedlander’s trap causes a puff of hallucinogenic gas to be released.

The GTA Online Protagonist inhaling puffs of smoke during Checking In.

Similar to Liquid Assets, you won’t be able to see your Health and Armor bars. However, you can replenish them via the weapon wheel.

KILL the clowns or Kill the aliens

The first wave consists of clowns or aliens trying to take you down.

Clowns have basic weapons such as Hatchet, Pool Cue, Machine Pistol, and Micro SMG. However, you’ll most likely “die” several times from the Firework Launcher.

The GTA Online Protagonist fighting clowns in vans with a distorted point of view.

Aliens are harder to defeat because of The Widowmaker and The Unholybringer. The former is a plasma-powered Minigun, while the latter belongs to the SMG family and has infinite ammo capacity.

Just take cover behind a wall to minimize the chance of respawning.

KilL thE beAST wItHin or Kill youR craving

The second wave is slightly more manageable now as you’ll be dealing with standard weapons. The exceptions this time are Revolver and Marksman Rifle Mk II variants.

The GTA Online Protagonist destroying armed food people in Checking In.

Remember that you’ll get one-shot by Black and White Cougars, so prioritize them when nearby.

KilL YoUR TherapIst

Multiple clones of Dr. Isiah Friedland armed with Bullpup Rifles or Golf Clubs will attempt to take you down.

The GTA Online Protagonist fighting multiple clones of Friedlander.

Eliminate them to proceed to the final wave.


The final wave consists of your clones armed with pistols, rifles, SMGs, and shotguns. Dax and Lucha retain their default weapons, a Micro SMG and a Pistol Mk II, respectively.

The GTA Online Protagonist eliminating clones of him, Dax, and Lucha.

Eventually, Dax will instruct you and Lucha to “die” from your clones to conclude the trip.

Not listening to Dax and continuing to fight your clones in Checking In will prompt the following dialogue:

The GTA Online Protagonist still fighting his clones during Checking In.

Either way, after “dying” from the hallucination, Checking In on GTA Online will conclude.

Rewards for Completing Last Dose 4 – Checking In on GTA Online

With this week’s 2x Cash and RP bonus, you’ll get $32,000 and around 4,500 to 5,000 RP.

Overall, the time-based reward is terrible even if you spend significant time finishing Checking In. But if it’s your first time doing Last Dose Missions, completing BDKD compensates a secret prize.

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