GTA Online: Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects (Full Guide 2024)

Unusual Suspects is one of five Last Dose Missions in GTA Online, unlocked after completing This is an Intervention. It is followed by Friedmind.

Head to The Freakshop on Mirror Park and let’s begin!

From February 15 to 22, 2024, all Last Dose Missions in GTA Online have a 2x Cash and RP bonus. We recommend participating during your business cooldowns to maximize profit.

Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects Mission Brief

Use lethal force on The Hippies and The Lost MC and interrogate their leaders to locate Labrat’s whereabouts. Gather all necessary evidence while fending off unidentified enemies before escaping.


  • Prioritize headshots.
  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Use a high-speed vehicle.

Note: If you’re doing Unusual Suspects solo, you’ll only have to search two gang locations. Any extra member means an extra hideout to locate and a gang leader to interrogate.

Go to a Hideout

Dax will mark the following location on your map:

In-game GTA Online map with Points A and B leading to a gang hideout.

Just create a waypoint and follow the GPS path. It’ll take you to West Vinewood and La Puerta.

The GTA Online Protagonist at the front of the Hippies' and the Lost MC's hideouts.

We recommend driving a high-speed vehicle or flying the Oppressor Mk II for convenience.

Take Out The Hippies/The Lost and Go to Their Leader

Approaching the vicinity or aiming at the Hippies or the Lost members will make them hostile.

The GTA Online Protagonist defeating gang members (Hippies and Lost Motorcycle Club).

Eliminate them with a clean headshot. However, save the suspect first for interrogation.

Do as you wish after the gang leader denies any involvement.

The GTA Online Protagonist interrogating the Hippy Leader and the Lost MC Leader.

Go to the Hippy Boss

Dax automatically marks a GPS route on your radar after interrogating the last low-level gang leader in Unusual Suspects.

In-game GTA Online map leading to the Hippy Boss' location during Unusual Suspects.

You’ll end up in a building with fairly-armed members.

The GTA Online Protagonist attacking the Hippies.

Take them out (except the Hippy Boss) to extract useful information.

The GTA Online Protagonist interrogating the Hippy Boss.

Go to Elysian Island

Since the marked location is in Pillbox Hill, driving towards Elysian Island will take a few minutes.

In-game GTA Online map of the Elysian Island.

Proceed with the marked GPS route.

Search Elysian Island for the Warehouse

The trick to spotting the target is by looking for a Granger 3600LX.

The GTA Online Protagonist driving a Vigilante in front of several warehouses in Elysian Island.

Alternatively, passing through will trigger the green icon, as you’ll need access to the locked warehouse.

Hack a Keypad to Open The Warehouse Doors

Use your interact button to initiate the Data Crack hacking minigame.

The GTA Online Protagonist parking at the target warehouse with a visible Granger 3600LX and solving the Data Crack minigame.

Align the red vertical line with each pair of white bars with a small gap between.

Search for Clues About Labrat’s Kidnappers

Once you’re inside the Warehouse, Dax will instruct you to find all five clues.

These are:

  • FriedMind access keycard.
A workshop containing tools, adhesives, and weapons alongside a keycard highlighted by a thin, yellow circle.
  • Labrat, Dax, and Luchadora’s photos are on a noticeboard alongside The Freakshop and Friedmind Pharmaceutical Corporation HQ.
A cork noticeboard showing photos of The Freakshop, Dax, Luchadora, The FriedMind headquarters, and Labrat (highlighted in a red circle).
  • Crates of weapons and ammo.
Crates of weapons and ammunition.
  • A crate of Friedmind Therapeutics’ drugs and chemicals.
A large crate with the label "FriedMind Therapeutics", with two small boxes.
  • Isiah Friedlander’s memo.
A memo belonging to Isiah Friedlander, the Friedmind's founder.

Each piece of evidence’s location isn’t challenging to find. However, you must eliminate approaching hostiles.

The GTA Online Protagonist fending off the FriedMind goons using the Unholy Hellbringer.

Take a Photo of the Clue and Send it to Dax

Use your Snapmatic app to take a picture of the evidence and show it to Dax.

Dax will make further commentaries during Unusual Suspects in GTA Online, hinting at the three remaining Last Dose Missions.

Collect the Keycard

The Keycard is next to one of five pieces of evidence in Unusual Suspects.

The keycard highlighted by a thin, yellow circle near a medium-sized box, a ledger, and a weapons workshop.

Collect the item as it’s necessary for later HQ infiltration while fending off goons.

Leave Elysian Island

You may escape without engaging enemies to conclude Unusual Suspects in GTA Online.

The GTA Online Protagonist running towards the vigilante.

Rewards for Completing Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects in GTA Online

This week’s event grants a 2x bonus Cash and RP to all missions from Dax. You’ll earn $40,000 and 7,000 RP.

The rewards aren’t good, considering it’s time-based. But moving forward through all Last Dose Missions will unlock replayability — a feature later useful during business cooldowns.

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