GTA Online: Last Dose 1 – This Is An Intervention (Full Guide 2024)

This is an Intervention is one of five Last Dose Missions in GTA Online, unlocked after completing First Dose 6 – Off the Rails. It is followed by Unusual Suspects.

Visit The Freakshop on Mirror Park, and let’s start!

From February 15 to 22, 2024, all Last Dose Missions in GTA Online offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. We recommend participating during your business cooldowns to maximize profits.

Last Dose 1 – This is an Intervention Mission Brief

After a crazy argument with Dax, Labrat is kidnapped by an unknown group and taken away from The Freakshop. Before any investigation, you must defeat the remaining ground and air raid team.

Note: Completing First Dose 6 – Off the Rails indicates that you either possess sufficient weapons or are skilled enough to acquire the Acid Lab. 

The Contact Mission in this guide will be easy, but we’ve considered adjustments.


  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Use guns with high ammo capacity.
  • Always take cover.
  • Watch your flanks.

Take Out the Kidnappers

Unknown armed personnel in white uniforms will surround The Freakshop. We suggest paying extreme attention to your radar as they come from different sides.

The GTA Online protagonist aiming the Unholy Hellbringer at hostiles in Last Dose 1 - This is an Intervention outside of The Freakshop.

While This is an Intervention in GTA Online is played in normal mode, you’ll be penalized for dying.

The GTA Online aiming the Unholy Hellbringer at the Amigas Explosive Gas Tank near Lucha outside The Freakshop.

There’s no penalty if a Fooliganz member is eliminated. But make sure it doesn’t happen to Dax and Lucha.

Take Out the Remaining Kidnappers

Go outside and push the invaders away.

Some hostiles in Buzzard Attack Helicopter will appear. Take out their pilot or the chopper’s tail rotor.

The GTA Online Protagonist climbing down.

Enemies will stop spawning at this point.

Go to Dax

Talk to Dax about the plans for the next mission.

The GTA Online Protagonist, Dax, and Lucha outside The Freakshop during Last Dose 1 - This is an Intervention.

Rewards for Completing Last Dose 1 – This is an Intervention in GTA Online

Thanks to this week’s 2x Cash and RP bonus, you’ll earn $48,000 and 5,000 RP.

All Contact Missions have time-based rewards, but you’ll be occupied enough to earn the highest value.

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