GTA Online: GTA Today II (Premium Deluxe Repo Work 2024 Guide)

Triple Cash and RP are ongoing thanks to Rockstar Games’ weekly event in GTA Online. One of the Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions, GTA Today II, received a definite boost!

Doing GTA Today II is almost impossible as a solo player, but not quite. We’ll help you with this guide!

DISCLAIMER: This guide is catered towards GTA Online players without the Oppressor Mk II, as normal vehicles are at a time disadvantage. 

GTA Today II Mission Brief

Steal two to four gang vehicles across Los Santos and follow up on two to four more, closely guarded by the LSPD. Bring them to the Docks within 15 minutes to complete the mission.


  • Reach Rank 21 first to unlock Lester’s “Remove Cops” ability.
  • Use a vehicle with superb acceleration and top speed.
  • Bring lots of Snack and Armor.
  • Always aim for the head.
  • Once you’ve stolen a car, don’t exit, as re-entering will trigger another three Wanted Level stars.

Steal a Target Vehicle

Before going to each car’s location, we recommend putting a Point of Interest here for the drop-off:

The drop-off location (Terminal) in GTA Online during the GTA Today II work.

It’ll be helpful once you have the final car in Simeon’s order.

Go to the target vehicle’s location marked as “A” and “B” on the map.

The GTA Online Protagonist attacking enemy gang members in Chamberlain Hills.

If there are more than two players, cars “C” and “D” will appear.

Car A is guarded by gang members in Chamberlain Hills. Car B in Little Seoul also has nearby hostiles who will fire on sight.

The Ubermacht Sentinel with defeated gang members lying on the ground in Chamberlain Hills.

Retrieving the remaining cars is easy as there are no guards.

Deliver the Vehicle to the Docks

Once a target vehicle is stolen, proceed to the docks and drop it at the small yellow corona.

The GTA Online Protagonist delivering the Ubermacht Sentinel at the Docks (Terminal) during the GTA Today II mission.

You’ll earn some RP for every drop-off.

Steal a Target Vehicle (Cops Alerted)

After delivering two to four autos (depending on the number of players), Simeon will send last-minute requests.

The GTA Online Protagonist calling Lester while driving a car.

All autos are marked on the map, with law enforcement officers patrolling. Should you approach their vicinity, you’ll receive three Wanted Level stars. We recommend grabbing the target vehicle and running away.

Deliver the Vehicle to the Docks (Cops Alerted)

Kill all law enforcement officers while running away. Afterward, contact Lester and use the “Remove Cops” ability. Your Wanted Level stars should disappear, and a short cooldown will start.

The GTA Online Protagonist driving the Ubermacht Sentinel while requesting a Personal Vehicle in the Docks (Terminal).

You can repeat this process on your way to the last car. Follow the Point of Interest you marked before starting this Premium Deluxe Repo Work. If cops spotted you, Lester’s ability again.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

Because GTA Today II is time-intensive and offers no room for mistakes, go for the hardest difficulty. You’ll get $60,000 and 13,000 RP at best. It’s not much, but extra cash for beginners is welcome.

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