GTA Online: Cashing Out (Casino Story Mission Guide 2024)

Cashing Out is one of six Casino Story Missions in GTA Online. Each quest is accessible by heading to the “AB icon in the Management. It becomes available after purchasing the Master Penthouse for $1,500,000 and completing Bad Beat.

Head to the Diamond Casino & Resort, and let’s get started.

From February 22 to 29, 2024, all Casino Story Missions will offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. Add 2x more if you have an active GTA+ membership. We recommend participating in this job for extra profit.

Cashing Out Mission Brief

Thornton Duggan wants you to eliminate his uncle, Avery, to stop further threats to the Chengs. As the Diamond Casino & Resort meets its new future boss, participate in the last Casino Story Mission.

Recommendations vary per approach, considering Cashing Out is challenging and can be completed in several ways.

Jump to all approaches we offer:

Go to the Ranch

Head to the marked location:

In-game GTA Online  map of the La Fuente Blanca Ranch.

It’ll take you to La Fuente Blanca with various security guards.

Take Out Avery’s Bodyguards (Stealth Option)

Approaching the vicinity will trigger one Canis Kamacho to exit the property. Eliminating him is optional, as he won’t return. Instead, the guard will head to Yellow Jack Inn in Grand Senora Desert, near the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Park your Personal Vehicle near the entrance and start taking out Avery’s bodyguards.

The GTA Online Protagonist's parked vehicle outside La Fuente Blanca in Cashing Out.

We recommend doing this silently, as alerting them means dealing with military-size personnel armed with Combat Shotguns and Rifles.

The GTA Online Protagonist aiming a silenced AP Pistol while hidden in grass.

• Shooting a CCTV near a guard will cause the act to be noticed. Finish the witness to avoid triggering the backup personnel.

• Missing a shot at a living target alerts them. Finish them off to prevent the backup security from spawning.

• You have five seconds to kill any witnesses or destroy the CCTV after spotting you, another player, or a dead body.

• Take out patrolling targets first.

• Two Canis Kamachos patrol the area. Eliminate them first.

As we believe it’s best to be stealthy in Cashing Out, here’s a short clip that may help you:

Eliminating the last bodyguard will trigger Avery Duggan’s escape in a Maibatsu Frogger.

Avery Duggan and his team escaping.

We have devised several approaches you can take once you’re instructed to end the final boss.

Take Out Avery’s Bodyguards (Non-Stealth Option)

Intentional or not, drive your car to this location and hide:

The GTA Online Protagonist pointing to the secret hideout for taking heavy fire against the Duggan bodyguards,

The cover is reliable enough that the FH-1 Hunter won’t be able to kill you with its homing missiles. However, bring weapons with high ammo capacity, as a military-sized horde of armed personnel will chase you.

Around four Buzzard Attack Helicopters will attack you. Although only armed with Gatling guns, it’ll still kill you, so take cover.

The GTA Online Protagonist attacking the Buzzard Attack Helicopter with the Unholy Hellbringer inside a small building.

You’ll most likely encounter the HVY Menacer after eliminating everyone. A single hit takes one full bar of Armor and 1/8 of your Health. We recommend getting cover, peeking, and then aiming at the head.

Destroy Avery’s Evac Helicopter

Choose among several available approaches based on your situation in GTA Online:

The Wealthy Assassin Approach

You can finish the Casino Story Mission fast if you have tons of money in GTA Online.

You’ll need the following:

  • Mobile Operations Center & Weapon and Vehicle Workshop Upgrade (costs $1,225,000 and $955,000, respectively).
  • Grotti Vigilante & Missile Upgrade (costs $3,750,000 and $180,000, respectively).

The baseline is a total of $6,110,000. You may upgrade its armor, but since the finale has FH-1 Hunter attack helicopters, you’ll get one shot by their homing missiles anyway.

The Mobile Operations Center and the Vigilante.

No enemy pursuers will spawn if you’ve infiltrated La Fuente Blanca without alerting anyone. Stay a safe distance and take down enemy FH-1 Hunters using the Vigilante’s homing missiles.

If you hear a fast beeping, it means an enemy missile is chasing you. Use the boost button to move quickly.

The GTA Online Protagonist driving the Vigilante in the streets of Los Santos.

Doing the loud approach means enemy Kamachos will pursue you, spawning at a fast rate as soon as they’re destroyed. Save your homing missiles for the target, as the Vigilante has only 30. Just use the “switch weapon” wheel and reposition until the lock-on target is on the choppers.

The Prepared Soldier Approach

After reaching the ranch, go to Fort Zancudo:

In-game GTA Online map of Fort Zancudo.

Steal the Jobuilt P-996 LAZER fighter jet and land it near La Fuente Blanca.

The P-996 LAZER Fighter Jet.

The P-996 LAZER can only take two homing missiles with no countermeasures available. As for your ammunition, you have unlimited supplies. However, you must manually evade the enemy attacks, which will take time and skill.

The GTA Online Protagonist using the P-996 LAZER fighter jet against the Duggans..

Since you’re airborne, you can lock onto the main target easily. Although there are chasing ground units, the fighter jet is bulletproof.

The Deadly Duo Approach

Several HVY Menacers are available. We recommend infiltrating the property undetected.

After the cutscene, one Menacer can be used, with one player in the driver’s seat and the other manning the .50 machine gun.

The GTA Online Protagonist manning the HVY Menacer in La Fuente Blanca during Cashing Out.

Considering its caliber, it can damage the target aircraft. But ensure the driver is skillful enough not to get hit by a homing missile. Otherwise, you’ll lose the reliable vehicle.

Important: This method assumes GTA Online Protagonists are saving or have insufficient funds to invest.

The Outrunner and Outgunner Approach

For this approach to work, you must infiltrate the La Fuente Blanca without alerting anyone. 

You’ll also need the following:

  • Heavy Sniper & Heavy Sniper MkII Upgrade ($38,150 and $165,375, respectively).
  • Incendiary Rounds Magazine ($87/unit).

Everything totals $203,525, with an additional $3,480 for the ammunition.

The Heavy Sniper Mk II.

Use any Personal Vehicle with exceptional acceleration, top speed, and braking. Stay a safe distance to avoid the FH-1 Hunters from targeting you.

Since you’re limited to 40 rounds, go for Avery’s evac helicopter. It’ll take a few shots to bring it down.

Return to the Casino

After taking out Avery’s chopper, return to the Casino. The mission will conclude after the cutscene.

The GTA Online Protagonist, Agatha Baker, Tom Connors, Thornton Duggan, and Vincent inside the Diamond Casino & Resort.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

The hardest difficulty is best for playing Cashing Out in GTA Online. The gunfight is only at the finale, even in easy and normal mode. FH-1 Hunters will still kill you per shot, so there’s no reason to hold back.

Completing the Casino Story Mission grants you $48,000 – $96,000, 8,000 – 16,000 RP, some chips, and a Paragon R Armored Vehicle bonus.

You can claim the free vehicle at the Terminal.

For first-time completion, get FREE $700,000 for completing the whole series. You can now restart any Casino Story Mission by going to the Jobs Menu for easy access.

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