GTA Online: Burn Rate (Premium Deluxe Repo Work Guide 2024)

With all Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions having 3x Cash and RP in this week’s event, take the opportunity!

The triple rewards for Burn Rate may not sound great, but it’s an excellent mission to keep you occupied while waiting for business cooldowns! After all, it’s straightforward and can be completed in less than ten minutes.

Head to Premium Deluxe Motorsport or play the Job in the Menu, and let’s get started!

Burn Rate Mission Brief

“Borrow” a fire truck from any LSFD around Los Santos and extinguish the flames and arsonists in the Terminal.


  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Use the Heavy Revolver if your weapon arsenal is limited.
  • Take cover.

Find a Fire Truck

Open your map and go to either place (small white dots):

In-game GTA Online map with all two fire stations during Burn Rate.

It’ll take you to a fire station with a truck inside. Stealing the vehicle won’t trigger a response from personnel or the cops.

A fire truck inside a Fire Station in Davis.

Go to the Terminal

The Terminal’s location is marked on your map by Simeon. Just follow the yellow line on your map, and you should get there.

The GTA Online Protagonist on the way to the Terminal during Burn Rate.

Pressing your interact button will turn on the siren, making NPCs give way even if you’re driving in the wrong lane.

Extinguish the Fire

Once near the Terminal, Simeon will urge you to put out the fire quickly from burning vehicles. You have five minutes to do this while gang members are attacking you.

The GTA Online Protagonist using the Fire Truck to extinguish car fires.

Tip: Ignore the attacking gang members and focus on extinguishing the fire. Use your alt attack button to spray water. Check your radar and eliminate the hollowed blue circles before proceeding to another car. This marks completion, meaning the fire in the vehicle is extinguished.

Take Out the Remaining Enemies

After clearing the last vehicle, eliminate the remaining gang members. NPCs (small blue dots) will try to aid you during the combat.

The GTA Online Protagonist taking cover in a huge box in the Terminal.

Once done, Burn Rate is marked complete, and you’ll receive Cash and RP.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

This Premium Deluxe Repo Work is straightforward and fun. However, you’ll only receive $40,000 if you’re efficient.

Still, we suggest doing Burn Rate in the hardest difficulty for a bonus 1.5x reward. You can always restart this mission in GTA Online when you’re ready.

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