Fans Expected GTA 6 To Be Set in European Cities

If you were working on GTA 6 and could pick a city to include in the game, which would you choose?

Well, the answers vary and might depend on your preference. But let’s take a look at fans’ opinions.

GTA 6 Could Be Set in European Cities?

All of GTA 5’s story and events take place in San Andreas, a virtual region modeled after real-life California in the USA.

Similarly, the worlds of previous GTA editions were also based on cities in the United States.

Of course, those options are good, but what if the next big GTA game, GTA 6, happens in European cities?

Recently on Reddit, fans willingly discussed and shared their thoughts about the next city in GTA 6, and guessed which European city GTA 6 should be based on.

Read on to learn which city you like the most!

Someone who likes GTA has an idea: why not make GTA 6 happen in Italy, where the Mafia comes from? This sounds interesting, especially if there are gunfights in Sicily.

Another fan thinks it would be a good idea for GTA to take place in the UK, citing its culture and high crime rate as reasons.

However, there are issues with this viewpoint. GTA 5 appeals to players with its feature of NPCs carrying guns, but this doesn’t align with the current situation in the UK.

The Balkans are also a place that fans hope for. However, it might not be a suitable location to showcase the wealth and prosperity that are often seen in the GTA series.

Additionally, the protagonists in GTA are usually wealthy later on, so this choice doesn’t match either.

Furthermore, Poland, Sweden, Romania, and others are also mentioned by many. These locations are feasible, even though they are brought up based on personal perspectives.

As a result, we must wait for an accurate answer from Rockstar Games.

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