GTA 5: What Happens If You Kill Trevor?

There are three endings you could possibly have in GTA 5: one is killing Michael, another is killing all the antagonists which is called “Deathwish“, or the third one, which is killing Trevor.

Come along with us as we delve into the potential gameplay consequences of opting to eliminate Trevor instead of Michael or selecting the “Deathwish” option.

What is The “Something Sensible” Mission in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, opting to eliminate Trevor Philips initiates a mission called “Something Sensible.” During this mission, Franklin is tasked by the FIB to terminate Trevor.

Franklin meets Trevor with a gun behind his back

If Franklin decides to kill Trevor, he calls Trevor to arrange a meeting at El Burro Heights in the east part of town. Franklin then contacts Michael to seek his assistance in dealing with Trevor.

At the meeting spot, the scene transitions to nighttime as Trevor arrives. Franklin confronts him with a gun, sparking an argument that leads to Trevor escaping with his car. You need to chase him down at the freeway so make sure to use your ability.

Michael then calls Franklin and tells him he is not far away. He asks Franklin to try to stop Trevor if he can. Then, in a cutscene, you will see Michael rams Trevor with a sedan and let Trevor crash into a gas tanker.

Trevor laying down on the ground after being ram by Michael

As the gas spills, Trevor then gets out of his car and expresses his anger towards Michael and Franklin. You will have 2 choices:

  • Kill Trevor with your gun.
  • Wait for seconds and let Michael kill Trevor.

Whichever decision you make, Trevor will still burn to death until the gas tanker explodes. Michael and Franklin walk out of the crime scene and talk about what happened, then they separate ways.

What Happens in GTA 5 After If You Kill Trevor?

After completing the mission, you cannot continue playing as Trevor, and all Trevor-specific activities, including those associated with McKenzie Field Hangar, are no longer accessible.

Michael and Franklin will each receive their portion from the Union Depository heist and half of Trevor’s share.

Michael and Franklin can still spend time together, but if the player attempts to arrange a meeting between Franklin and Michael before Michael’s email, Michael will confess that he feels affected and holds Franklin responsible for it.

The “Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club” remains available but is no longer usable as a safe house. Additionally, Trevor’s car, which is the Bodhi, will be permanently destroyed.

Jimmy won’t hang out with Michael anymore because Michael was involved in Trevor’s death, but he can still hang out with Franklin because he doesn’t know Franklin was part of it.

Interactions You Receive After Killing Trevor

In this section, we will mention all the phone calls, emails, and text messages you will receive after you kill Trevor Philips in GTA 5.

Phone Calls

This is all the phone call you get after choosing to kill Trevor Philips:

  • Jimmy De Santa – Jimmy calls Franklin, saying that he just discovered Trevor’s death. He will also call Michael to tell him about Trevor’s death.
  • Steve Haines – Steve calls Franklin to commend his work while Franklin asks if he could help him prevent Devin Weston from bothering him and not killing Michael.
  • Lamar Davis – Lamar calls Franklin to acknowledge that he was correct about Stretch and mentions that he’ll have to maintain a low profile for some time to ensure his survival.
  • Tanisha JacksonTanisha calls Franklin after the mission to tell him that she is getting married and needs to take care of himself from now on.

Emails and Texts Messages

Lastly, this is all the emails or texts you get after killing Trevor Philips:

  • Lester Crest – Lester sends Michael and Franklin a text message, saying that Trevor disappeared and that he is splitting Trevor’s cut of The Big Score between both of them. He then messages Franklin again, telling him that he knows he is the one responsible for Trevor’s death.
  • Michael De Santa – Michael sent an email saying that they had done what was necessary and that if Franklin wanted to hang out, just call him.
  • Lamar Davis – Lamar emails Franklin, asking if he had anything to do with Trevor’s death. Franklin then responds that it was the FIB who killed Trevor.
  • Ron Jakowski – Ron emailed Michael with rude language and curses, asking him how he could help Franklin kill his business partner and best friend, Trevor.

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