GTA 5: What Will Happen If You Choose to Kill Michael?

In GTA 5, there are three ways to end the game: one is to kill Michael, two is to kill Trevor, or the third one, the most favorite of many fans, the “Deathwish” option.

Join us as we explore what would possibly happen to the gameplay of GTA 5 if you choose to kill Michael instead.

What is “The Time’s Come” in GTA 5

In GTA 5, if you choose to kill Michael De Santa, it will trigger a mission called “The Time’s Come”. In this mission, Franklin will have to kill Michael, as instructed by Devin Weston.

It will start with Franklin calling Michael to meet up and talk about something. The two will meet at Route 68, near the satellite dishes. But, before that, Franklin will call Trevor and tell him that he is in big trouble and needs to take out Michael.

Michael meets Franklin

After you arrive at the meetup point, Michael arrives and talks to Franklin. After their argument, Michael will drive off, and Franklin will need to chase him down.

They will soon arrive at Palmer-Taylor Power Station, where they will have a shootout as Michael climbs up the stairs of the station. Lastly, they will soon be face to face at a high place and have an argument.

Franklin chases Michael

While Michael is weakened by Franklin’s punches, he tries to push Michael at the railings and ends up holding Michael’s hand to prevent him from falling off the ground. While holding Michael in the air, you will have two options:

  • Drop Michael
  • Save Michael
Franklin drops Michaels and he dies

Note: Whichever one you choose, it will still result in Michael’s death, as you’ve chosen this route in the first place, so there’s no turning back.

What Happens If You Choose to Kill Michael?

After completing this mission, the player will no longer be able to control Michael, and any activities specific to Michael will become unavailable.

As a consequence, 3 properties and one vehicle storage owned by Michael, along with the vehicles inside the garage, will be lost, including Michael’s personal vehicle, the Tailgater.

You will also receive phone calls from Jimmy asking where his father is, and he will soon realize that Franklin is lying and knows something. Franklin can no longer hang out with Jimmy or Trevor since they are angry at Franklin for killing Michael.

Franklin and Trevor will be given their portions from the Union Depository heist while Lester notifies them that he has forwarded Michael’s share to his family. You will also see Michael’s house with a “For Sale” sign as you visit it.

Note: After killing Michael, the stock price of “Merryweather Security” will go up by 250% because Devin Weston partially owns it. Therefore, you might want to buy their stocks before you kill Michael.

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