Take-Two Interactive is Taking Things Seriously As They File A Dispute On Remedy Entertainment’s New Logo!

Another piece of news has surfaced regarding Rockstar, as Remedy Entertainment, the game developer behind Max Payne and other popular games, is currently facing a trademark disagreement with Take-Two Interactive.

Are you intrigued? Come along and join us as we delve into all the juicy news surrounding this dispute.

Take-Two Interactive Logo Dispute with Remedy Entertainment

Take-Two Interactive, the American video game holding company and parent company of Rockstar Games, is currently involved in a dispute over logo similarity with Remedy Entertainment, a Finnish video game developer.

Remedy Entertainment recently updated its logo to a big “R” with a stuttering effect, and Take-Two claims that it bears a striking resemblance to the Rockstar logo.

To be honest, this is not the first time that Remedy has been involved in a logo dispute.

According to a source, Remedy’s logo, created by Henri Loikkanen in July 1996, was also in dispute with another company called LucasArts, ultimately leading Remedy to remove its logo in July 1998.

The Next Logo of Remedy Entertainment After Dispute with Lucasarts

After Remedy Entertainment had a dispute with Lucasarts’ logo, they managed to have a new design created by Kiia Kallio, which ran from April 1999 until April 2023.

It features a large letter “R” with a bullet inside it, enclosed within a large circle. Remedy stated on their website that the reason for their logo design is attributed to the Max Payne franchise.

According to Remedy, the reason behind this change is to symbolize the beginning of a new era for their upcoming games.

This new logo is expected to be a reflection of the company’s growth and evolution as it moves forward with its future projects.

Remedy's New Logo

Additionally, it is time to change their logo as the gaming era is evolving. That is why they mentioned in their announcement that it’s time to update their logo after not doing so for more than 20 years.

Will Take-Two Interactive Take This Further?

For us, it is best for both companies to just let things go and move on. After all, Rockstar Games is funding the remake of Max Payne 1 and 2.

However, if Rockstar and Take-Two still insist, we do think that revamping the Remedy logo would be the best option for both companies to have a better relationship.

As of today, there is no news or updates on what Remedy Entertainment has to say about Take-Two Interactive taking legal action regarding its logo.

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