GTA Trilogy Got Netflix Games Have a Massive Boost in Downloads!

As you may recall, Netflix Games and Rockstar Games have agreed to release a GTA Trilogy on the popular streaming platform.

With these games being released on Netflix Games, there’s news that they have experienced significant growth compared to when they weren’t released.

In this article, let’s discover what has made Netflix Games successful right now and what this will mean for Rockstar and Netflix’s partnership.

Netflix’s Unexpected Success with GTA Trilogy

Netflix has unveiled its Q4 earnings, revealing notable achievements across 2023. During the fourth quarter, the company gained more than 13 million subscribers, resulting in a total of $938 million. GTA Trilogy helped a lot with this new subscribers.

In a letter to the shareholders, you will see that Netflix said that “This has become our most successful launch to date in terms of installs and engagement, with some consumers clearly signing up simply to play these games.”

You will be able to see this on page 6’s second paragraph. With Netflix admitting this success all because of the GTA Trilogy, it will most likely be with the streaming platform for a very long time.

Most Downloaded GTA Trilogy

Based on a source, recent statistics from Appfigures indicate that GTA: San Andreas holds the title of Netflix’s most downloaded game, with GTA: Vice City ranking as the sixth-most downloaded game, and GTA III getting the 11th position.

This is not a surprise, since GTA: San Andreas is one of the most favorite GTA titles among gamers and fans out there. Some even say that GTA: San Andreas is better than GTA 5. However, that would totally depend on the player, of course.

Note: In case you are interested in seeing those stats yourself, you need to sign up and create a new account on Appfigures to see the statistics of the mentioned mobile games.

When did Netflix Games Release the GTA Trilogy?

Back on December 14, 2023, Netflix announced that they would be releasing a GTA Trilogy through their streaming application.

No one knew that this would turn out to be a success when Netflix made it official. However, rumors about this partnership were spreading all across the internet.

On December 1, 2023, we published an article stating that you could pre-order the games before the release date. It was also noted that they would be available via Android or iOS.

Will Netflix and Rockstar Games Continue Their Professional Relationship?

In our opinion, yes! They would partner with Rockstar Games again. But which game? We still don’t know.

It could be a new title, or they could also release GTA: Chinatown Wars as it is more suitable for a mobile game since it was released for the Nintendo DS and PSP ports way back in 2009.

It would also be wise if they created a new game and not just a remaster or definitive edition. As long as it is a Rockstar Game release, we think it will always be a popular game.

In case you’re interested in knowing more about this news and which game will be the next target for Netflix Games, feel free to bookmark our page for more news and events.

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