How to Download FiveM (GTA 5 Dedicated Server)

Besides the official GTA server, you can also enjoy GTA Online via FiveM, a dedicated server that offers plenty of customized vehicles, maps, weapons, and so on.

Enjoy multiplayer mode via FiveM is as fun and simple as GTA Online mode. But the struggle might be the process of getting it down to your computer.

If you find it difficult to download FiveM, then this post is perfect for you!

How to Download FiveM

To download FiveM for dedicated servers in GTA 5, visit its official website and click on “Download Client”.

As usual, we strongly recommend downloading FiveM via its original website, as the downloaded files from other sources might be outdated and contain viruses or malware.

how to download fivem

Type in in your browser, then click on the red button “Download Client” to download it to your computer.

Next, open the *.exe file and check out this link to learn how to install it.

Keep in mind that FiveM will download more essential files after installation, so make sure you have massive storage.

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