GTA Online Weekly Event: Drag Race Released, Bonuses on Auto Shop Robberies, GTA$ and RP Multipliers, Discounts, and More! (January 25 – 31)

As the final week of January is nearing its end, Rockstar has announced a new GTA Online weekly event that could put your racing skills into action.

Excited about the upcoming event? Join us to learn all the details and make your GTA Online adventures more enjoyable!

GTA Online Weekly Event: Drag Races are Here!

As promised by Rockstar last week, the drag races are now available in GTA Online’s weekly event, featuring various bonuses, GTA$ and RP multipliers, discounts, and more!

1. New Content This Week

Exciting news for all you GTA fans out there! This week, Rockstar is set to unveil thrilling new racing content that’s gonna blow your mind:

  • Drag Races – Can be started outside the LS Car Meet or through quick join in the jobs menu.
  • Weekly Challenge – Win 2 Drag or Drift Races to receive: “GTA$100,000” and the “Bright Manor Racing Suit“.

2. GTA$ and RP Multipliers This Week

Below are the GTA$ and RP multipliers you can benefit from during this week’s event:

The Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode
  • Drag Races – x2 GTA$ and RP
  • Auto Shop Robbery Contracts – x2 GTA$ and RP
  • Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode – x2 GTA$ and RP

3. Salvage Yard Robberies

Jamal and Yusuf Amir have given you a list of new vehicles to oversee at the Chop Shop this week. They want you to keep a close eye on them.

Here are the vehicles you need to look for:

The Bravado Buffalo EVX, the Lampadati Viseris and the Pegassi Toros
  • Bravado Buffalo EVX – The Cargo Ship Robbery
  • Lampadati Viseris – The Gangbanger Robbery
  • Pegassi Toros – The McTony Robbery

4. GTA Online Weekly Discounts

Don’t miss out on the savings available at this week’s event. See the complete list below:

  • Annis Euros – 30% Off
  • Pegassi Torero – 30% Off
  • Karin Calico GTF – 30% Off
  • HSW Racing Suits – 30% Off
  • Vapid Dominator ASP – 30% Off
  • LS Tuners Racing Suits – 30% Off
  • Karin Sultan RS Classic – 30% Off
  • Auto Shop Properties plus Mods and Upgrades – 30% Off
  • LS Car Meet Takeover – 50% Off
  • LS Car Meet Membership – 50% Off

5. Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Please visit Simeon’s showroom this week to see an exclusive selection of vehicles. Note that after this week, all the vehicles listed below will be unavailable:

The Karin Futo, the Imponte Ruiner, the Canis Kalahari, the Dinka Jester Racecar and the Pegassi Torero
  • Karin Futo – GTA$9,000
  • Imponte Ruiner – GTA$10,000
  • Canis Kalahari – GTA$41,000
  • Dinka Jester Racecar – GTA$350,000
  • Pegassi Torero – GTA$998,000/ Discount: GTA$698,600

6. Luxury Autos Showroom

You’re invited to visit the Luxury Autos showroom this week to explore a 4-door SUV and a 4-door classic sedan:

The Vapid Aleutian and Declasse Impaler LX 
  • Vapid Aleutian – GTA$1,835,000
  • Declasse Impaler LX – GTA$1,465,000

7. Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle

Spin the wheel at Diamond Casino & Resort for a chance to win a two-door sports car resembling a Porsche:

The Pfister Growler 
  • Pfister Growler – GTA$1,627,000/ Trade Price: GTA$1,220,250

8. Hao’s Time Trial Ride (Next-Gen/ GTA+ Members)

This week’s event features an iconic mid-sized sports car accessible by speaking with Hao on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series:

  • Bravado Banshee – GTA$105,000/ HSW Conversion: 1,945,000

9. LS Car Meet: Prize Ride Challenge

Participate in this week’s LS Car Meet challenge for a chance to win a classic 2-door coupe:

  • Übermacht Zion Classic – Place Top 5 in the LS Car Meet Series for four days consecutively

10. Car Meet Test Rides

This week, you have the chance to either test drive or purchase these cars at the LS Car Meet:

The Emperor Vectre, the Vapid Dominator ASP and the Karin Sultan RS Classic
  • Emperor Vectre – GTA$1,785,000
  • Vapid Dominator ASP – GTA$1,775,000/ Discount: GTA$1,242,500
  • Karin Sultan RS Classic – GTA$1,789,000/ Discount: GTA$1,252,300

11. Time Trials and Premium Races

Here is a list of the time trials and premium races planned for this week:

  • Motorcycles Premium Race: Art to Art
  • Regular Time Trial: Great Ocean Highway
  • HSW Time Trial: Textile City to Stab City

12. Gun Van

Here is the list of weapons available in Gun Van for this week’s GTA Online event. Some weapons are discounted:

  • Armor
  • SMG
  • Grenades
  • Molotovs
  • Knuckle Dusters
  • Stun Gun
  • Unholy Hellbringer
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Railgun – 40% Off
  • Assault SMG – 40% Off for GTA+ members only

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