GTA Online: How to Easily Wear The Overcoat Blazers (2024 Guide)

Putting on most clothing in GTA Online is easy-peasy, but there are exceptions like Overcoat Blazers. You might find them tricky unless you know how it works.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily wear the Overcoat Blazers in GTA Online.

Where to Find the Overcoat Blazers

In GTA Online, you can discover all sorts of clothes in clothing stores like Binco and Ponsonbys, and the Overcoat Blazers are no exception.

The Binco and Ponsonbys stores in GTA Online

To locate clothing stores, open your map and look for the “T-Shirt” icon indicating the clothing stores.

Once you arrive, head over to the “Top” area, press “E” to browse all types of clothing, then scroll down until you find the Overcoat Blazers.

How to Wear The Overcoat Blazers in GTA Online

Unlike other pieces of clothing, while you can visit all available types of Overcoat Blazers, you’ll find them unavailable, along with the text “This item is not compatible with your current outfit“.

The unavailability of the Overcoat Blazers

It means that you should wear the proper outfit first before equipping the Overcoat Blazers.

In this case, it’s any choice of the “Opening” Parka.

In other words, you must wear the Parka Overcoat with the “Opening” style instead of “Closed” in order to be eligible to wear the Overcoat Blazers.

First, purchase your favorite Blazers with Parka in its name, then press “M” to enable the Interaction Menu, select “Appearance“, head to “Jacket” and move to “Open“.

Purchase the Parka and change the position of the Jacket

Now select the Overcoat Blazers you like the most and you’re good to go.

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