GTA Online: Loose Cheng (Casino Story Mission Guide 2024)

Loose Cheng is one of six Casino Story Missions in GTA Online. Each quest is accessible by heading to the “AB icon in the Management. It becomes available after purchasing the Master Penthouse for $1,500,000.

Head to the Diamond Casino & Resort, and let’s get started!

From February 22 to 29, 2024, all Casino Story Missions will offer a 2x Cash and RP bonus. Add 2x more if you have an active GTA+ membership. We recommend participating in this job for extra profit.

Loose Cheng Mission Brief

Tao Cheng, a former owner of the Casino, is held by the Lost MC at an Abandoned Motel in Sandy Shores. Ensure the VIP’s safety while eliminating the gang members and escort him to the HQ.


  • Bring lots of Snacks and Armor.
  • Use the Unholy Hellbringer for unlimited ammunition capacity.
  • Use Silent Weapons when infiltrating the place.
  • Drive an Armored Vehicle (Armored Kuruma or Duke O’Death)

Go to the Abandoned Motel

After a short cutscene with Ms. Baker and Tao Cheng’s Translator, the former will instruct you to go to a marked location:

In-game GTA Online map of the Sandy Shores destination in the Loose Cheng Casino Story Missions.

Follow the yellow GPS route, and it’ll take you to a Derelict Motel in Sandy Shores.

You can use any Personal Vehicle, including the Oppressor Mk II. But for retrieval, ensure there are enough seats to accommodate the VIP.

The GTA Online Protagonist using the Cheval Taipan in Sandy Shores.

The trip should take you less than two minutes.

Search the Abandoned Motel for Tao Cheng

Enemy members of the Lost MC have a cone of view that will alert the entire crew if you’re spotted. You may use silenced weapons to take them out quickly before spotting you.

The GTA Online Protagonist using a Sniper Rifle to scope to the Lost MC Members.

While sneaking is a good idea, they’ll get alerted at some point. We recommend doing it stealthily until you find the VIP or barge in with the Unholy Hellbringer unholstered to eliminate the Lost MC members.

The GTA Online Protagonist sneaking while using a silenced pistol in the Loose Cheng Casino Story Missions.

An almost endless horde of the gang will attack you. The VIP’s location isn’t vulnerable to the attack. But we recommend finding him in one of the open spaces in the Derelict Motel:

Tao Cheng inside an abandoned motel in GTA Online.

Escort Tao Cheng to the Casino

A big wave of Lost MC members will come at you after finding the VIP. Take them out before entering your Personal Vehicle. Keep his health bar in check to avoid failing Loose Cheng in GTA Online.

The GTA Online Protagonist using an Unholy Hellbringer to defeat the Lost MC Members.

While driving, you’ll encounter enemies in Lost Slamvans and Daemons. Eliminate them to ensure survival.

The GTA Online Protagonist escaping the abandoned motel in Sandy Shores.

One mile before the Diamond Casino & Resort, enemies will stop spawning. Enter the yellow corona to finalize the mission.

Tao Cheng, Agatha Baker, and Tao Cheng's Translator reunited inside the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online.

What Difficulty Should I Choose?

Getting access to the Master Penthouse costs a fortune, meaning you’re a good GTA Online player. Go for the hardest difficulty to earn 1.5x more cash and RP, besides the bonus of 2x for GTA+.

Overall, Loose Cheng compensates you based on time and difficulty. Expect to earn around $48,000 – $96,000, 8,000 – 16,000 RP, and some bonus chips upon completion.

For first-time completion, get FREE $50,000.

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