GTA+ January Membership Update: Free Albany Cavalcade XL, Atomic Logo Sweater, GTA$, and RP Multipliers, Discounts, and More! (Until February 7, 2024)

Are you excited to apply all your New Year’s resolutions this year? Well, let us add another exciting element to that, as Rockstar announces another GTA+ membership update for all subscribers!

Discover all the exciting things available and look at the latest features in the January update of the GTA+ membership!

All GTA+ January Membership Perks!

This month, GTA+ members have the chance to acquire the Albany Cavalcade XL, a variety of clothing items, including the Rockstar Atomic Logo Sweater, new car and wheel paints, a 40% discount on Salvage Yard tow truck and wall safe services, and more!

Note: GTA+ membership is only available on next-gen consoles such as PS5 or Xbox Series X/S.

Without further delay, here’s the list of new features coming in the January 2024 update:

1. Gain Access to the Vinewood Car Garage

Rockstar gave GTA+ members the opportunity to use a massive garage that can hold up to 100 personal vehicles with five floors for every player.

The Vinewood Car Garage for GTA+ members

Note: If you forget to renew your GTA+ membership, you won’t be able to add more cars to your garage.

2. The Vinewood Car Club: Free Car and Discounts

These are the free monthly cars and discounts you can get with GTA+ membership this January 2024:

Car NameRetailDiscount
Albany Cavalcade XLFreeFree
Declasse ScramjetGTA$4,048,939GTA$3,239,152
Pegassi ToreadorGTA$4,269,380GTA$3,415,504
Bravado Buffalo STXGTA$1,634,160GTA$1,307,328
Vapid AleutianGTA$1,857,800GTA$1,486,240
Karin Asterope GZGTA$477,240GTA$381,792
Coil Cyclone IIGTA$2,271,660GTA$1,817,328
Benefactor Stirling GTGTA$998,370GTA$798,696
Ocelot ArdentGTA$1,150,000GTA$920,000
Enus CognoscentiGTA$558,000GTA$446,400

3. Vehicle Chameleon Paints and Livery

GTA+ has a special chameleon paint and livery available for your car and wheels for this month:

New Vehicle Chameleon Paints
  • Off White Pearl Chameleon Paint
  • Blue Rainbow Flip Chameleon Paint 
  • Off White Pearl Chameleon Wheel Paint

How to claim: Bring your vehicle to any Auto Shop or Vehicle Workshop. Then, go to the chameleon color group/livery and choose a color/livery from the options provided. You’ll observe that the items are labeled as “FREE.”

4. Free Clothing

Unlock the new clothes in GTA Online this month by logging in with a GTA+ membership:

New Free Clothing for GTA+ members
  • Rockstar Atomic Logo Sweater
  • New Year’s Jacket
  • New Year’s Pants
  • Western MC Jacket
  • Western MC Pants

Note: Clothing items will be added automatically to the wardrobes of GTA+ Members.

5. Games Included With GTA+

Like last month, enjoy these retro games while they’re still accessible through your GTA+ membership:

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (IOS & Android)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (IOS & Android)
  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition (PlayStation and Xbox)

Note: We never know when Rockstar will remove these exclusive retro games for free, so it’s better to play them while they’re still available.

6. January’s Additional Benefits

40% off Salvage Yard Tow Truck

Now, you have the chance to unlock all these exclusive perks by acquiring this month’s GTA+ membership:

40% off Salvage Yard Tow Truck and Wall Safe UpgradesGTA+ Members get an extra 40% discount on Tow Truck and Wall Safe upgrades.
2X LS Car Meet ReputationParticipating in LS Car Meet Races will give you 2X RP.
1.5X GTA$ and RP on LS Tourist Board Wildlife Photography RewardsCapture local wildlife for the Los Santos Tourism Board’s Wildlife Photography challenge and earn an additional 50% in GTA$ and RP.
20% off Drift Tuning UpgradesAll eligible drift cars will have 20% on drift tuning upgrades when you visit LS Car Meet.

7. Persistent GTA+ Member Benefits

Besides the cool perks we already mentioned, you also get some sweet monthly benefits with every membership purchase or renewal:

Persistent BenefitsDescription
Exclusive Taxi ServicesTake advantage of the taxi services with shorter cooldowns and waived costs.
The Gun VanYou can always spot the Gun Van icon on the map. Swing by for some cool weapons and great discounts.
GTA$500,000GTA+ Members get a bonus of GTA$500,000 every month, deposited automatically into your Maze Bank account.
Free CEO/VIP AbilitiesSelect the desired ability from the Interaction Menu. These will all be marked FREE for GTA+ Members only.
Free Vehicle RequestsVehicle Request fees will be waived when using the Interaction Menu.
Member-Only Shark CardsGTA+ members can now get a 15% bonus on GTA$ on special GTA+ Shark Cards.

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