All GTA 4 Cheats (Xbox 360)

There are several missions in GTA 4 with high difficulty, making them tricky to complete. While GTA 4 on PC offers mods or trainers to help you solve problems, what options are available on Xbox 360?

In this article, we will guide you on how you can enter cheat codes for your Xbox 360 and add some valuable tips along the way.

All GTA 4 Cheats for Xbox 360

In Xbox 360, you need to use your in-game phone to use cheats. To do this, press the “UP” button on your D-pad to summon the phone, and then press the “UP” button again to reveal the dial pad.

Use your D-pad to navigate and dial the numbers by pressing “A” on your controller. It will automatically go to the green phone icon after you input all the numbers needed.

After that, Press “A” again to dial your cheat. You will see a notification on the upper left corner of your screen if you successfully activate the cheat.

A quick tip: For new players, play 3 to 5 missions first to unlock the in-game dial pad; otherwise, it won’t appear.

Here is a complete list of helpful cheats that you could use in all kinds of situations:

EffectsCheat Codes
Max Health and Armor362-555-0100
Max Health, Armor and Ammo482-555-0100
Give Weapon List 1486-555-0150
Give Weapon List 2486-555-0100
Remove Wanted Level267-555-0100
Raise Wanted Level267-555-0150
Change Weather468-555-0100

We have also put together a list of cheat codes for spawning vehicles that you may find helpful:

VehicleCheat Codes
Spawn a Helicopter359-555-0100
Spawn a Banshee265-555-2423
Spawn a Cognoscenti227-555-0142
Spawn a Comet227-555-0175
Spawn a Buffalo227-555-0100
Spawn a Jetmax938-555-0100
Spawn a NRG-900625-555-0100
Spawn a Sanchez625-555-0150
Spawn a Super GT227-555-0168
Spawn a Turismo227-555-0147

Another helpful tip: Cheats will stop you from earning “Achievements & Trophies”. To prevent this, save your game before you proceed to use cheats.

Cheats in GTA 4 won’t permanently block you from earning trophies. They only prevent you during the current session. After reloading the game, cheats will be turned off, and you can earn achievements again.

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