10 Slowest Vehicles In GTA 5 and GTA Online

In GTA 5 and GTA Online, the vehicles come with different speeds. While you’ve got jets and supercars that zip around like lightning, some vehicles are slower than a jog.

If you’re curious about the 10 slowest vehicles in GTA 5 and GTA Online, then this post is perfect for you.

10 vehicles with the lowest maximum speed (GTA 5 & GTA Online)

In GTA 5 and GTA Online, a vehicle’s performance is influenced by various factors, with speed being an important one.

Surprisingly, there are several vehicles that have lower speeds than expected. These slower vehicles are often boats or utility vehicles found in missions or specific locations.

Without further ado, read on to figure out the 10 slowest vehicles in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

1. Dozer

The Dozer in the construction site
  • Top Speed: 11 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Industrial

The Dozer is a heavy-duty vehicle primarily used in construction sites like The Quarry. Due to its primary function as a construction vehicle, it is the slowest vehicle in the game, with a maximum speed of only 11 mph.

While the front bucket of the vehicle can be controlled and used to ram other cars, its slow speed and fragile glass-covered seats make it a poor choice for transportation or chasing other vehicles in the game.

2. Lawn Mower

The Lawn Mower in the golf club
  • Top Speed: 14.75 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Utility

The Lawn Mower, found near the golf club between 8 PM and 10 PM, is the second slowest vehicle in GTA 5.

The Lawn Mower is controllable and has bulletproof tires, but its cabin is open, which leaves you vulnerable to gunfire while driving.

3. Avisa

The Avisa
  • Top Speed: 16.75 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Boats

Avisa is a great option for those looking for a modern and futuristic boat. however, it’s not the best choice if you prioritize speed.

Although this boat can accommodate 4 players, it has no weapons, making it more susceptible to attacks from other vehicles. The driving experience may not be ideal either, as the boat tends to lift upwards when going at full speed.

4. Tug

The Tug in GTA 5
  • Top Speed: 18.5 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Boats

If you have ever played the Special Cargo sell missions, you must be aware of the Tug as the delivery vehicle. This vehicle is known for its sluggishness and poor performance.

Similar to the Avisa, the Tug is not equipped with weapons and has low durability. A single explosion can cause it to explode.

5. Submersible

The Submersible
  • Top Speed: 19.75 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Boats

The primary function of the Submersible is to allow you to reach the depths of the ocean. Therefore, it prioritizes this task over speed.

Like the Avisa, this vehicle is not equipped with weapons or missiles, but it offers a better driving experience compared to the Avisa.

6. Kraken

The Kraken
  • Top Speed: 20.75 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Boats

Kraken is an alternative if you don’t prefer the appearance of the Submersible. Although the Kraken has a slightly higher maximum speed, the driving experience is similar to that of the Submersible.

7. Marquis

The Marquis
  • Top Speed: 26.25 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Boats

The Marquis boat in GTA 5 and GTA Online might not be very useful for transportation, as it’s one of the slowest boats in the game.

Its speed is pretty slow and it takes a bit of time to start moving after you press the acceleration button. However, this could be an advantage as it makes it easier to navigate through the waves.

8. Invade and Persuade Tank

The Invade And Persuade Tank on the street
  • Top Speed: 26.75 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Military

The Invade and Persuade Tank belongs to the same category as the Rhino or Khanjali and hence shares similar features such as high durability, a weaponized system, and the ability to cause destruction.

However, the Invade and Persuade Tank has a lower maximum speed than its counterparts and is not capable of ramming other vehicles due to its smaller size.

9. Tractor

The Tractor parking near the house of Ursula
  • Top Speed: 28.5 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Utility

In GTA 5, the Tractor can be found parked next to Ursula’s house, and while it is one of the slowest vehicles in the game, it’s certainly one of the more interesting ones.

As you might expect, although the Tractor’s rusty bodywork gives it a rather distinctive appearance, it’s not exactly built for speed.

One thing to remember when driving the Tractor is that it has an open cab, which means you’ll be more vulnerable if you get into a chase with the police.

10. Airtug

The Airtug
  • Top Speed: 29.25 mph
  • Vehicle Type: Utility

The Airtug is a specialized vehicle used exclusively in airports such as LSIA, and it resembles the Lawn Mower, so much so that it offers a similar driving experience.

Due to its specialized use, the Airtug is unsuitable for racing or driving on crowded streets. It is designed to move from one hangar to another, and for this purpose, it is perfect.

However, its slow speed and lack of durability make it vulnerable to gunfire and crash deformation.

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