GTA Online: 10 Best Guns You Should Have (2024 Update)

In GTA Online, you can live without anything except for guns. These items keep you alive during PvP or PvE combat and encounter the enemies efficiently. Not to mention that some missions or events require you to equip guns to accomplish.

Therefore, selecting the right guns is crucial for grinding in GTA Online. If you’re interested in finding out the best guns to use in GTA Online in 2024, read on to discover the list.

10 Best Guns To Use in GTA Online (2024 update)

There are 70 choices of guns in GTA Online (as of 2023), and luckily, you can bring most of them and change to the one you like in certain situations.

However, while each gun has its own pros and cons, some outperform others. As a result, preferring these firearms can help you get the most out of them.

Our list of the 10 best guns is based on our experience and input from communities, everyone has their own favorites so take this list as a reference.

All guns in the list are shown in their default form. In fact, all of them can be upgraded and customized.

1. Combat MG Mk II

  • Weapon Class: Machine Gun
  • Price: $119,000 (Converting price)

Our top recommendation for a must-have gun to add to your collection is the Combat MG Mk II, one of the best machine guns in GTA Online.

The Combat MG Mk II

As an upgrade from the original Combat MG, the Combat MG Mk II maintains the same high fire rate as its predecessor and increases the damage output slightly, making it a deadly weapon.

Additionally, its stock magazine capacity is 100 rounds, but you can extend it to 200 rounds with an upgrade.

The only downside of this gun is that it takes longer to reload compared to other weapons in the same category. However, considering its output, it’s definitely worth the tradeoff.

You can get this weapon by converting the Combat MG at the Weapon Workshop for a price of $119,000.

2. Marksman Rifle Mk II

  • Weapon Class: Sniper Rifles
  • Price: $149,000 (Converting price)

The Marksman Rifle and its Mk II version have the highest fire rate in their category, which makes them excellent for hitting targets continuously.

The Marksman Rifle Mk II

Also, since the Marksman Rifle Mk II is an upgraded version, it provides better damage output.

Nevertheless, the Marksman Rifle Mk II has a narrow range compared to other guns of its type, and you may notice that its scope is zoom-fixed.

The good news is that you can equip it with a Red-dot Scope, allowing you to convert your Sniper Rifle into a Combat Rifle.

To get the Marksman Rifle Mk II, you have to upgrade the Marksman Rifle at Weapon Workshop, which will cost you $149,000.

3. Carbine Rifle Mk II

  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifles
  • Price: $107,500 (Converting price)

The Carbine Rifle Mk II is one of the optimal choices for shooting in certain situations.

The Carbine Rifle Mk II

Similar to the above, the Carbine Rifle Mk II is an upgrade from the Carbine Rifle, with slightly better damage.

The Carbine Rifle Mk II has a quick reloading time and fire rate, making it advantageous in combat. When equipped with scope, the Mk II Carbine rifle provides better accuracy and precision in targeting without any deviation.

You can get the Carbine Rifle Mk II by converting the Carbine Rifle at the Weapon Workshop for $107,500.

4. Service Carbine (Tactical Rifle)

  • Weapon Class: Assault Rifles
  • Price: $370,000

In case you want an alternative to the Carbine Rifle Mk II, the Service Carbine is the perfect replacement.

The Service Carbine (Tactical Rifle)

Regarding damage output, the Service Carbine offers slightly better damage than the Carbine Rifle Mk II. For the rest of the stats, they share the same performance.

However, keep in mind that the price of the Service Carbine is higher than that of the Carbine Rifle Mk II, but fortunately, you can get it for free if you collect enough 5 weapon parts.

5. Assault Shotgun

  • Weapon Class: Shotguns
  • Price: $10,000

Shotguns often have low capacity and slow rate of fire, but this shotgun will make you rethink its damage potential.

The Assault Shotgun

While the Assault Shotgun may not be the best option in terms of damage output, other shotguns such as the Musket, Heavy Shotgun, and Double Barrel Shotguns provide better output.

However, the Assault Shotgun has a distinct advantage with its fast fire rate, making it one of the fastest fire rate shotguns available in GTA Online.

Additionally, the gun requires less time to reload as you only need to reload once for 8 shells, while the other shotguns may require you to reload one shell at a time.

In GTA Online, you can get this gun after reaching rank 37 for only $10,000.

6. Heavy Sniper Mk II

  • Weapon Class: Sniper Rifles
  • Price: $165,375 (Converting price)

For those seeking the ultimate weapon for the most serious damage, the Heavy Sniper Mk II is what they are looking for.

The Heavy Sniper Mk II

Among other sniper rifles in its class, the Heavy Sniper Mk II offers the highest damage, the furthest range, and the most accuracy.

However, it’s cautious that the gun has a serious recoil and low fire rate. Not to mention that its gun sound is too loud, but it can be sorted out easily by equipping the Suppressor.

To get the most out of the gun, you can equip it with a Thermal Scope and Night Vision, which allows you to spot enemies in dark areas or heat signatures.

In GTA Online, you can get the Heavy Sniper Mk II by converting its basic version at the Weapon Workshop for $165,375.

7. Heavy Revolver Mk II

  • Weapon Class: Handguns
  • Price: $99,000 (Converting price)

Handguns aren’t always a popular choice among players, but the Heavy Revolver Mk II may make you reconsider.

The Heavy Revolver Mk II

The Mk II version of the Heavy Revolver is an upgrade that provides immense damage, which is surpassed only by the Perico Pistol, Up-n-Automizer, and the Marksman Pistol, making it effective in destroying even a helicopter in close range.

However, it’s important to note that the gun recoils after each shot and takes longer to reload.

In GTA Online, you can get the Heavy Revolver Mk II by converting its basic version at the Weapon Workshop for $99,000.

8. Pump Shotgun Mk II

  • Weapon Class: Shotguns
  • Price: $82,500 (Converting price)

The damage output that the Pump Shotgun Mk II provides might not stand out against other guns in the same class, but it has some advantages that make it unique.

The Pump Shotgun Mk II

The Pump Shotgun Mk II can be equipped with the Explosive Slugs, offering better output and can easily destroy any vehicle in just an attempt.

Moreover, the Flechette Shells or Steel Buckshot Shells, when equipped, can take down a player in PvP in one single shot, even when that player is wearing Super Heavy Armor.

It costs you $82,500 to upgrade this gun from the Pump Shotgun at the Weapon Workshop.

9. RPG

  • Weapon Class: Heavy Weapons
  • Price: $26,250

RPG (or Rocket Launcher), as its name implies, is not a good choice for taking a single player, but for destroying vehicles or a large group of enemies, you can hardly name a better one.


Compared to its counterparts, the damage from the RPG is top. It can hit and blow up a helicopter with 1 shot, and 3 for the Insurgent, an armored vehicle. Not to mention that the RPG is the cheapest Heavy Guns in GTA Online.

On the other hand, this weapon doesn’t have a tracking antenna like the Homing Launcher, thus you have to aim and lock the target manually to take them out.

Last but not least, you should be aware of not shooting the RPG at a close distance, as the explosion can even kill you.

To get the RPG in GTA Online, you should be at rank 100 and have $26,250.

10. Minigun

  • Weapon Class: Heavy Weapons
  • Price: $47,000

Our last pick for the best guns in GTA Online in 2024 is the Minigun, which can be used in several situations.

The Minigun

Although the mInigun is classified as a Heavy weapon, it doesn’t cause explosions like the RPG or Homing Launcher. Instead, thanks to its maximum capacity of 9999, it can easily set any type of vehicle on fire and destroy it.

While the damage of each bullet may not be too impressive, the fast, continuous rate fire, coupled with the ability to both shoot and aim simultaneously, makes this base Heavy weapon the ultimate choice for grinding.

However, it should be noted that carrying the Minigun will slow down your running speed, which can make it challenging in chasing situations.

The price of the Minigun is $47,000, but you must reach rank 120 first to unlock it.

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