How to Lock Cars in GTA 5 (Story Mode)

Cars in GTA 5 are often noted for their striking resemblance to real-life cars, both in terms of appearance and performance. However, when it comes to minor details like locking mechanisms, do they also mimic reality?

In this article, we will guide you on how to lock cars in GTA 5.

How to Lock Cars in GTA 5 Story Mode

You can only lock your cars in GTA 5 (story mode) using mods. The default car locking feature is only available in GTA Online.

In GTA Online, you can lock your cars by changing the “Select Who Gets Into Your Car” option and turning it into “No One”.

However, this feature is unavailable in story-mode, but you can still enable it via mods.

There are a lot of mods you can use to lock your cars in GTA 5 (story mode), but we will only name a few that are popular and easy to use.

1. Menyoo mod

Menyoo Mod is one of the best trainer mods known in GTA 5. It doesn’t only limit locking your cars but can also do many things, like player mods, weapons mods, car mods, etc.

Once you’ve installed the Menyoo mod, just hit “F8” to open the menu. Then, go to “Vehicle Options” and scroll down to find “Door Locks.” To lock the doors, simply press the “Enter” key.

Keep In mind that you need to be inside the car so that the mod detects which car to lock. Once you’re out, you can’t press “F” as usual to reaccess the vehicle. Instead, you have to unselect the “Door Lock” option, making it a bit uncomfortable.

Download Menyoo Mod

2. Car Lock Mod

Compared to the Menyoo mod, this Car Lock is straightforward, as its one and only function is to lock and unlock the car.

How to Lock Cars in GTA 5

Once you’ve installed the mod, press “E” when near the car to lock it, and press “E” again to unlock the vehicle. You will see that the car’s light will blink when locked and unlocked successfully.

The advantage of this mod is that it won’t cause any game bugs or lags because it limits the number of locked cars to 10. Fewer locked cars will surely provide a smoother experience.

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